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NJ 6 De La Torre Mikaela (HARDWARE)

No description

mikaela de la torre

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of NJ 6 De La Torre Mikaela (HARDWARE)

Hardware de las PC
Is the minimus and essential hardware required form the correct performances of a PC.
Basic Hardware
Complementary Hardware
Are those elements that may be dispensed for the operation.
Hardware Mixto
Refers to all tangible parts of a computer system, its components are electrical, electronic, electromechanical and mechanical.
Hardware bidirectional
They are those who have the ability to enter data into the computer, and output enable, examples are network cards, audio cards.
Hardware de almacenamiento
serves to permanently store information and computer programs to be recovered at some point.
Hardware of process
are those responsible for the interpretation of instructions, calculations and process data. Examples are the microprocessor, chip set and math coprocessors.
Hardware de salida
Hardware de entrada
are used to enter the data to be processed in the computer. Example are the scanners, mouse "Mouse", keyboard, DVD, etc..
It is enable data generated by the address to the external computer via storage devices or cables. Examples are the inkjet printer, the plotter, plasma screens, etc..
Hardware interno
Hardware Externo
It´s the tangible element of the computer
thanks for see the presentation
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