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Precursors of life.

garret wetzel

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Protobionts

Precursors to prokaryoctic cells Protobionts Functions Reproduciton Steady metabolism Maintenance of chemical environment Excitability Miller-Urey 1952 Tested for chemical evolution May have been formed spontaneously with conditions found on the early earth Defined Collections of abiotically produced molecules surrounded by a membrane-like structure
Key steps to the origin of life Set up of Miller-Urey lab Conditions similar to those Composed of Protiens Lipids Carbohydrates Oparin-Haldane (1920's) said to have been found on an early earth in protobionts Hypothesis: Conditions on an
early Earth favored chemical
reactions that formed organic
compounds from inorganic precursor Outcome Liposomes Microspheres Possiblilities Because protobionts developed the ability to catalyse chemical reactions, the were said to have possibly been some of the first enzymes Over time... Became enclosed by a protein lipid layers This allowed them to survive better within the surroundings The rate of metabolism and reprodution became a regular occurance First Tests Oparin-Haldane This is what was said to have formed prokaryotic cells
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