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about space

No description

laura dowdy

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of about space

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about space
life forms
there is belief that there's other life forms are on mars due to frozen water on mars
every star
every star we see is another galaxy
stars are suns so far away that NASA con not reach them in their shuttles
this is almost the end
we are so close the the end i [don't] have so muth stuff to tell you
this is the end
this is the end off my prezi

there are so many stars
stars in the MIDNIGHT sky are pretty and make up immages
the solar system is cool
the solar system
thw solar system is so big
space has a LOT secrets
space contains a ton of universes, galaxies and planets
this is about space and all of its wonder
NASA has only found 8 planets so far and believe that there is one more but has no proof of that exists
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