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Christopher Columbus

Fall 2012 presentation for literature

Whitney Crowder

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Christopher Columbus

By: Whitney Crowder Christopher Columbus Biography Columbus was born on October 31, 1451 in the Republic
of Genoa, Italy
In 1492, Columbus set sail with three ships on a quest
to discover new land.
He made a total of four voyages to the Carribean Islands &
South America
He is credited for discovering the "new world" which today are
the continents of North and South America The Indies were discovered in 1492 and the spanish christians began living on the island with the Native Americans Bartoleme de Las Casas The Native Americans were humble, patient, obedient, & faithful to the spanish people The Spaniards took advantage of the natives. They attacked towns, stabbed them, cut off their heads, & burned them alive. The survivors of these massacres were sold as slaves & worked until they perished from exhaustion and hunger The Spanish Christians had one goal & that was to obtain gold. They would do anything to get it. Journal of Columbus Columbus started a journal for the king so that he could describe every detail of his voyage across the seas The journal began on Friday August 3, 1492 when he set sail He gave precise details about storms and sickness that occurred during the voyage
Columbus also gave vivid details about the islands they discovered & the personalities and interactions of the natives Why do you think Columbus allowed the violence against the natives to take place? Why did he not control his crew members? Discussion Question #1 Discussion Question #2 Last week we read about the Natives' perspective of the Spaniards discovering the "new world." This week we read about the Spaniards' perspective. How did these two readings make you feel? What do you think North and South America would be like today if the Natives & Spaniards lived together in harmony back then? For many years, Christopher Columbus was known as a great hero & explorer of western history. However, during the 20th century, a Native American movement questioned Columbus's legacy. He caused war, slavery, disease, & death of the native people. So, what do you think? Is Columbus a hero or villain? Hero or Villain? THE END!
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