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Collaboration option

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Montserrat Veras

on 30 September 2016

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Transcript of Collaboration option

Thank You!
There are two types of diabetes. The first type is called juvenile diabetes. The juvenile diabetes's gastroitestinal involves vomiting and nausea and some of the same symptoms that adult on-set diabetes has. Some common things that also happen are fast heart rates and/or sleepiness.
Adult On-set Diabetes:
Adult on-set diabetes is the second type of diabetes and the symptoms for this kind are alot of thirstiness, urinating, hunger, fatigue, weight loss/gain and blurry vision. Sometimes there arent any symptoms.
Can be caused by high blood sugar and when your body does not produce insulin.
Can you treat it?
you can treat it by maintaining normal blood sugar levels, insulin therapy and exercise.
Collaboration option
Juvenile Diabetes:
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