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The Butter Ball Battle Book, Satire, and the Cold War

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Dijana Henry

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of The Butter Ball Battle Book, Satire, and the Cold War

The Utterly Sputters
Poison/ Chemical Agents
Citation of Sources
Direct Quote
Historical Research
Satirical Technique:
ECE English 1011
Thursday, November 12, 2015
Dijana H., Victoria B.
Satirical Technique:
The Butter Battle Book
Fight For Dominance

An example of exaggeration in the book is that the characters are fighting over the way that the other side butters their bread. This is used by Dr. Seuss to show that he believed the reasons for the cold war weren't big enough reasons to fight.

The Butter Battle Book, The Cold War, and Satire
In reference to the Big-Boy Boomeroo "a gadget that's Newer than New / It is filled with mysterious Moo-Lacka-Moo / and can blow all those Zooks clear to Sala-ma-goo"
Grandpa Yook
United States Military

Van Itch
Soviet Union Military
Chief Yookero
The President(s)
The Bitsy Big-Boy Boomeroo
Nuclear Bomb
The Wall:
The Berlin Wall (Built during The Cold War)
Grandpa Yook uses the tactic of containment (used by the United States)
"In those days, of course,
the Wall wasn't so high
and I could look any Zook
square in the eye.
If he dared to come close
I could give him a twitch."
The Utterly Sputters is similar to poison/chemical agents used by the United States and the Soviet Union
The Bitsy Big-Boy Boomero represents the nuclear bomb used by the United States
Cultural Prejudices
The United States and the Soviet Union began as allies during World War II; sometime after the war though, problems began to arise. Both groups had completely different beliefs and ideals which is what drove them apart. Both nations were constantly fighting for control using any means necessary to attain what they wanted.
The Yooks and the Zooks
The United States and the Soviet Union
Cold War History. (n.d.). Retrieved November 10, 2015, from
The Cold War. (n.d.). Retrieved November 10, 2015, from
The persons from The Cold War being satirized are the leaders, the United Sates and the Soviet Union.
Grandpa Yook represents the United States Military
Zook Van Itch represents the Soviet Union Military
The Utterly Sputters
Poison/ Chemical Agents
"So you can't trust a Zook who spreads bread underneath!
Every Zook must be watched!
He has kinks in his soul!"
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