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Skill-Related Fitness Project

Extreme Challenge Client

Rhayme Spencer

on 11 July 2014

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Transcript of Skill-Related Fitness Project

Skill-Related Fitness Project
Extreme Fitness Challenge
Meet Chris Bailey
Challenge Itinerary
Principles of the
Training Plan
F.I.T.T. Principles
Training Exercises
The Location
My client's name is Chris Bailey. Chris is a 17 year old boy who is training for
an extreme physical activity challenge on
television. Chris's health is normal and his body type is that of a rookie athlete. His strengths are agility, power, speed,
and coordination. Chris's limitations, however, are balance and
reaction time.


Las Vegas Conventional Center
Jump Roping

- Henderson Jump Rope Boot Camp
Bench Press - Rainbow Fitness Center
Shuttle Run - Warrior Fitness Center
Leg Lifts/Wobble

Board - Vitaly Scherbo School of Gymnastics
Agility & Speed - Shuttle Run
Balance - Leg Lifts and Wobble board
Coordination - Jump Rope
Reaction Time - Sparring
Power - 10 Bench Presses
- Running and balance are specific for several physical activities. So, they most likely will be specific to the Extreme Challenge.
- My client will be starting at the level in which he believes is right for him and work his way up.
- Chris will be doing at least one exercise a day to make sure that he won't have difficulties in performing other exercises. This will give him some rest time and be able to heal from previous exercises.
- Each activity will be different from every other one and each will be fun to do.
- My client will perform at least 2 activities for 3 weeks before he enters the Extreme Challenge.
- Chris will start slowly and where he feels like is nice for him and work his way up gradually.
- Each activity should take at least 30-45 minutes. This should be increasing each week as well.
- Since Chris needs to work on his limitations in balance and reaction time, he will be focusing more on the leg lifts and wobble board for balance and sparring to help with his reaction time.
Chris is headed to Las Vegas, Nevada to participate in the Extreme Challenge. Some of the geographical elements Chris will be performing his activities include...
Chris's Skill-Related
Fitness Evaluation
Agility: above average
Balance: below average
Coordination: average
Power: above average
Reaction Time: below average
Speed: average
* Martialartssupplies.com *Softball.isport.com
* D-project.jp * Store.bbcomcdn.com
* Growthegame.com * Bodybuilding.com
* Th5.googleusercontent.com * Beebos.net
* I.walmartimages.com * Media.merchantcircle.com
* 3.bp.blogspot.com * Nellisforcesupport.com
* Empind.com.au * Profile.ak.fbcdn.com
* Bay-ata.com * Henderson-bootcamp.com
* Topendsports.com * Ikea.com
* Localeats.com
* Tennisexpress.com
Clothing and Equipment
: sparring gear (chest, head, feet, and hand protectors, mouth guard, and face mask), comfortable clothes
Shuttle Run
: markers, stop watch, comfortable clothing, tennis shoes
Jump Roping
: jump rope, comfortable clothing, tennis shoes
Leg lifts/Wobble board
: chair, wobble board, comfortable clothing, timer (to count the minutes)
Bench Press
: comfortable clothing, weights, a bench
Reaction Time
Agiltiy & Speed
Warrior Fitness Center
--> Shuttle Run
Challenge: Chris will be having to
perform a 30 yard shuttle run while running as fast as he can. Chris is
going to need
speed and agility
this part of the drill.
Las Vegas Conventional Center
--> Sparring (
reaction time
) Challenge: Several people are around, so noises might try to distract Chris. He needs to pay attention and act fast

to dodge his partner's attacks.
Sparring gear
Wobble board
Bench press and weights
Comfortable Clothing
Jump rope
Tennis shoes
Rainbow Fitness Center
--> Bench Press
Challenge: Chris will be having to perform 10 bench presses within a week beginning with the weight he feels most comfortable with. He will then add 5 pounds each week to increase the challenge. Chris will be needing
to complete this task.
Henderson Jump Rope Boot Camp
--> Jump Rope
Challenge: Chris will be required to perform a variety of different jump roping techniques for a total of 45 minutes a week. These techniques will help him with his balance as well as his coordination skills. As he continues jump roping after the first week, he will then add 15 minutes to his drills until he goes to the Extreme Challenge.
Vitaly Scherbo School of Gymnastics --> Leg lifts and Wobble Board (balance); Challenge: Chris will be having to learn how to keep his balance without a chair. Maybe later on, even learn how to balance on a balance beam.
All of these activities will be performed in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.
Speed, Agility, Reaction Time
Coordination, Balance
Speed, Agility
Physical Challenges
& Where They Take Place
Related Fitness Skills
to be Earned
By Rhayme Spencer
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