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Final Evaluation

No description

Mariam Jatta

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Final Evaluation

Final Evaluation Materials Opinons Apperance
The overall appearance of my final product is not pleasing. Not only can you see glue oozing out of the sides but due to the weak and thin material you can see it through. Not to mention the material is inside out. It has also been placed badly and it’s a bit lopsided. The sewing is random and done poorly. The thread ,also known as the handle is thin, and it doesn’t have any decorations, I could have added some buttons, which is a good way to collapse it, and i would have added ribbons done a hot pink, and purple a base colours with a black animal or floral pattern. I would have tried to make the hem neater with more care. I would have chosen another material, (later on “Materials”) and it would have been thick so that the glue doesn’t ooze out or I would have sewed everything. It would have been more secure with a zip and it would have looked more professional and practical. I would have done all of these suggestions if I wasn’t pressured for time.
For my material I used a thin and weak red material with white bell patterns. My poor selection of material was used since it was the only one suitable available. It was too think and weak and probably could hold only around 5 kg, also the handle wasn’t useful at all. I could have used a thicker material and cut it with a hem for the handle and sewed it on rather than glue-gunning it. Though it was useful in the sense that because it was light it easily collapsed and it was easy to sew through rather than a thicker material.

Personal Opinion My view on the final product is poor and I am disappointed, I haven’t planned my timed correctly and this one was rushed due to the fact that I lost my original one. I was also confused with the deadline which explains the scruffiness, lack of appearance, scruffy and hurried, weak and thin materials, extremely poor handle and a badly done hem. Although it would be good for manufacture use especially if you have a sewing machine since it would be cheap ,easy and quick to make, also it is safe. Marie's Opinion I think it’s amazing what she achieved in such a short period of time, it looks very good. Maybe she shouldn’t have used the glue gun, because it makes it look s a bit scruffy. The material is pretty but not strong so is the thread straps.

There are several problems with this product. The glue gun makes it look scruffy, the sewing is badly done, it is not parallel, and the material is thin and weak including the handle. The appearance and design isn’t very attractive and also the handle is placed PROBLEMS Postives I can’t really find anything positive to say about this project, as most of my comments are negative based. But it does collapse which was the aim. (Although I could have collapsed in an even better way)And from first view it doesn’t look too bad and if it would have to be manufactured in many than it would be cheap and easy, and with good advertising I could have sold it.(Though that would be cheating)The dimensions are correct and it can collapses to great extent and it is harm free and very safe with no sharp edges. Thin thread (Handle) Rough visible glue (Used to hold handle) Material (Inside out) Glue can see through material Lopsidied (Badly placed, glue oozingout) Rough and scruffy hemming Collapsed version Extended version
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