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The Lord of the Flies


Keresa McIntire

on 23 February 2010

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Transcript of The Lord of the Flies

The Lord of the Flies Story about good boys who become savage when they are left alone without laws/guidance. Why Should I Care? The writer feels that deep down, we all love violence, the only thing keeping us civilized are rules. When there are no consequences. In a Nutshell Lord of the Flies tells about a group of young boy's whose plane crashes on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean. There ages range from six to twelve, and Ralph, is one of the older boys who becomes chief. They become fearful of a "beast" that is somewhere on the island,so they build a signal fire using Piggy's glasses. Jack becomes envious of Ralph's power and decides to lead a group to hunt for pigs, while the weaker kids stay back and build shelters. When the boys neglect the fire and a ship passes the island, they begin to fight amoung themselves. Jack's group attacks Ralph and Piggy, they end up killing Piggy with a giant boulder, before they are rescued and go back to being "just good boys". Summary Fear One of the biggest struggles the boys faced while they were on the island would be there fear of the unknown. They fear the things they cant see, such as the misterious beast, other parts of the island, and of course the damage they may do to one another, even though they may not realize it at first. Another that is rather obvious to is the fact that they may never get off the island. Capabilities-
The ability to undergo, or be affected by a given treatment/action.
A beast is defined as a non-human animal and is cruel, coarse or filthy. Vocab: Did you know??? Innocence Loss of innocence is one of the major themes in Lord of the Flies. The boys who are only around the ages of six to twelve are stranded on an island. They had to leave there childhood behind and grow up to try to make it on there own. The novel ends with its main character, Ralph, weeping for "the end of innovence, the darkness of man's heart." Vocab: Untamed:
Savageness, fearful, unknowing, and scared are all terms that fit this term. No doubt it to fits the boys and what they turned into.
The cherishing or pursuit of high or noble principles, purposes, goals, etc.These boys definitely lost these things while they were on the island. All there comon sence had left them and they reverted to there fighting instinks just trying to stay alive. "The tears began to flow and sobs shook him." Quotes: "On the beach behind him was a cutter, her bows hauled up and held by two ratings. In the stern-sheets another rating held a sub-machine gun." “We may stay here till we die.” Quotes: “Maybe […] there is a beast The Fire: Fire is used in several ways in Lord of the Flies. From the very beginning of the novel, Ralph is determined to keep a signal fire going, in case a ship passes near to the island. The fire later becomes a symbol of both hope of rescue and of destruction. Symbol While they were reverting to there savage like ways with their hunting, face painting, and so on. However, there is still one symbol of advancment, of innovation and discovery. Yes, Piggy's glasses. The boys find themselves at an utter loss for way to start the fire. They are not skilled enough to do this on there own and the glasses breaking mean they are in danger of losing touch with the civilized world they've left behind. Symbol Moral- Every one has a dark side to them! The genere: is the exact opposite of the ideal community. It's the frightening society of hunters that Jack constructs in Lord of the Flies. The narrorator in the Lord of the Flies goes back and forth with his opinions. We simply see things happening, without the filter of a character’s judgment. Instead, we see all and judge for ourselves. Genere Narrator's Point of View- Simon was the only one who didn't turn into a primitive savage and go about killing things. The boys kill Simon, because they did not recognize him, and some go into denial. Ralph and Piggy convince themselfs that they did not take part in Simons murdering. Citations http://www.shmoop.com/lord-of-the-flies/themes.html http://www.zbths.org/165310818145034323/lib/165310818145034323/_files/LOTF.pdf http://similar-images.googlelabs.com/images?q=Wisdom+and+Knowledge&b=Search+images http://teachersmithela.wikispaces.com/Week+Ending+February+5%2C++2010
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