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ECVET Conference WS3

No description

Michela Vecchia

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of ECVET Conference WS3

improving mobility and career paths for personal care and social workers
the starting point
the matrix
the test
at the end of the process, competences were mapped and assessed, gaps identified and a specific training path for acquiring the missing LOs can be planned
adaptation of an already existing system of vocational qualifications in the field of personal care and social work (Regional Framework of Professional Standards of the Lombardy Region) in coherence with the ECVET framework, along with the testing and development of relevant tools for the assessment and validation of competences acquired in any context
the objectives
... to facilitate recognition of competences acquired in different contexts and learning settings by people working in the field of personal care and being mobile across Europe
... to facilitate labour market integration
... to facilitate qualification and upskilling of workers
professional profiles are described through LOs using complete sentences and examples resulting from field observation and interviews with practitioners
different competence steps are used whenever they help in describing a professional profile (and to allow transition from one professional to another)
based on empirically derived tasks
open to change to be linked to labour market changing needs
the candidate is required to simulate fundamental actions asked by the assessor and to use the relevant instruments and knowledge, and where needed a dummy
the candidate is required to explain to the assessor the fundamental actions accomplished
a set of questions with technical content are proposed to the candidate for assessing technical/specific knowlege and competences
a situation is described to the candidate who has to answer if this is true or false
the transcript
assessed competences to which ECVET points are allocated
competences assessed negatively for which additional training is needed
missing competences to be acquired through a targeted training
Anna Maria dropped out school before obtaining a certification, and she started working for short term assignments. She married and had two children, thus interrupting her professional life.
Children are now attending school, and she wants to re-enter the labour market. Due to her experience with her children, she would like now to start working as a qualified baby-sitter
The baby sitter professional profile comprises 3 Units of Learning Outcomes and the qualification corresponds to 60 ECVET points
Anna Maria decides to undertake the I CARE tests for certifying her competences and finalising the training path for aquiring the qualification. She undertakes both theoretical and practical tests. The assessment is positive for almost all competences required, but she cannot obtain the full qualification as some specific skills are not assessed positive
Missing competences to be integrated through an additional training action
Competences assessed with insufficient scores and to be integrated through an additional training action
Competences which are already possessed by the candidate
the formal qualification is obtained
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