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WAFA HOUSE Presentation

Running the Extra Mile for our Families

helda el-temawi

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of WAFA HOUSE Presentation

Role of Parents :
Providing for their child’s basic needs. This includes food, clothing, shelter, education and love.
Caring for their children when sick.
Teaching children behavior that is acceptable to the family and to society.

Respecting parents and all family members
Following rules
Asking permission and seeking approval from their parents when making important decisions
Role of Children:
Contribute to your families - your communities!
Running the Extra Mile for Our Families!
Becoming a Role Model
Serving Your Communities
Promoting Tolerance
Speaking out Against Injustice
Caring for our Neighbors
Caring for the Environment
Investing in the Future
Promoting Healthy Living
Contributing to a Worthy Cause
Helping those in Need
Nurturing the Spirit
Promoting Understanding Across Faiths and Cultures
Running the Extra Mile for Our Families!
By Becoming a Role Model
By Serving Our Communities
By Promoting Tolerance
Equality for All
Martin Luther King Jr.
By Speaking Out Against Injustice
ICNA Hurricane Sandy Relief Assistance
Caring for Our Neighbors
Caring for the Environment
Supporting and Promoting

Green & Healthy Lifestyles
Living Healthy
Green Initiatives
Sustainable Energy
Sustainable Farming
Energy Efficiency
Supporting youth oriented centers and other projects aimed at maintaining our families and supporting our youth.
By Investing in the Future
Collaboration with Good Tree Farm Inc.
By Promoting Healthy Living
Creating awareness for various causes and supporting these causes with our time, money and resources.
By Creating Awareness & Adopting a Cause
By Helping Those in Need
By Nurturing The Spirit
Promoting Understanding
To all the wonderful individuals who go the extra mile:


Thank you for your kindness, your dedication, your hard work, your creativity, and your vision for a better, fuller, brighter future. Thank you for all the hope you have given us, and future generations.
To All Our Youth:
Our Mission
Building a strong family unit requires family members that are committed to supporting one another’s needs and promoting happiness and well being for each other.

Family unity helps every family member feel that they are important by communicating and appreciating one another, while prioritizing family time and values.

The Family Unit

“The best of you before God and His creation are those who are best to their own families, and I am the best to my family.”
- Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
The Family Unit
Wafa House offers a variety of culturally sensitive services towards, but not limited to, families of Middle Eastern and South Asian descent, which includes education and assisting in family counseling

All services are free of charge and completely confidential to anyone and everyone in respect of creed or background.
Strengthening The Family Unit
What is Domestic Violence?
Domestic violence is the willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior as part of a systematic pattern of power and control perpetrated by one intimate partner against another. It includes physical violence, sexual violence, threats, and emotional or psychological abuse. The frequency and severity of domestic violence varies dramatically.
About Wafa House
24 hour toll-free Hotline
Advocacy (legal, social services, and career)
Community Resource Referral including:
Food Pantry
Violence and Abuse Services
Health Benefits Assistance
Immigration Services
Services Provided:
Workshops on Self Improvement and Education
Workshops on Recruitment of Foster and Adoptive Parents
Assistance in recruiting and training Foster Parents
Encouragement and Assistance towards continuing Education
Intervention Counseling
Crisis Counseling
Family Counseling
Marriage Counseling
Adolescent Counseling
Counseling for Victims
Wafa House Statistics: Breakdown By:
Wafa House Statistics: Breakdown By:
Wafa House Statistics: Breakdown By:
Passaic County Prosecutors Office
Legal Services of New Jersey, Edison
North East New Jersey Legal Services, Paterson
Center for Family Resources
NJ Coalition for Battered Women
Paterson Alliance
Passaic County Women’s Center
Serviced over 3,000 clients throughout NJ, United States and as far as Egypt, Middle East, United Kingdom, Southeast Asia and Canada.
Certified in conducting Parenting Skills Workshops
Securing grants to conduct Financial Literacy Workshops
Rehabilitated/ Reunited families where Domestic Violence took place
Reunified children in Foster care with biological parents
Our Work
The imperative objective of Wafa House is to secure a facility in order to provide expanded services for the entire family in the way of
parenting skills and workshops explaining rights of husband and wife from legal and ethical perspectives
educating youth in order to break the cycle of violence.
establishing a mediation committee of Scholars and Clergy
providing workshops from Clergy about men/women’s roles in marriage
maintain a 24-Hour toll free hotline for client
Meet the dedicated individuals that work diligently each and every day to make our services available to the local community.
Meet The Wafa House Team
Executive Board Members

In collaberation with St. Joseph's Healthcare System, Paterson, NJ, Wafa House is in preparation of hosting a community Health Fair to serve 300+ community members.

Family Day - An event to celebrate the family, fun activities and entertainment for the children, workshops and entertainment for the parents.

All events will be posted and advertised on the Wafa House website and Facebook page.
Help us support families in need so that they feel comfortable requesting assistance and support at difficult times in their lives.
Your support is imperative for the continued success of Wafa House - thank you for your continued support!
Community Involvement
Join Wafa House to continue the important task of guiding and helping the family, empowering the community, and helping the victims.
Donate financially so we can continue helping our communities
Volunteer your time and services.
You Can Help!
“Coming together is beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
- Henry Ford

This Year’s Fundraising Event would not be possible without….

Special Thanks To…
Wafa House would like express its sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the following people, without who this event would not have been made possible:
The 2012-2013 Fundraising Committee
Gala Chair:
Alaa Badib Ida Khalil
Noran Elzarka Rafia Hasan
Maryann Serina Ayyad
Hala Amer Nahid Ali
Laila Khalil Shuruq Alfawair
Sagedah Baker Sonya Bayramoglu
Alaa Baker Helda El-Temawi
Matilde Tragna Mohamed Kamel
Ruba Qasem Yasmin Bayramoglu
Nancy Shihadeh
Contact Us:

Phone: 1-800-930-WAFA(9232)
Email: wafahouse_inc@yahoo.com
Website: www.wafahouse.org

Please Join Us &
Support the Cause!
Nawal Khaf
Dorria Fahmy
Mervet Younes, M.D.
Zillehuma Hasan
Carmetta Vidal Parkes
Kevin D. Wronko, Esq.
Seema Lodhi, Ph.D
Bahiah Abdrabboh, M.A.
Hoda Ismail
Sawsan Osman

Nasim Jadoon, Ph.D Wijdan Assaf, M.A.

Nadia Kahf, Esq.

Imam Mohammad Qatanani, Ph.D Religious/Spiritual Advisor
Mohamed Younes Community Liaison
Dr. Moustafa Ahmed Business Liaison

Sara Abdelhadi
This Year's Honorees
Asst. Prosecutor John Esmerado:
For over twenty-two years, John has sought justice on behalf of children in court. He has litigated 40 child abuse trials and annually screens over 550 cases. Union County Prosecutor Theodore Romankow, John and his staff have worked tirelessly over the last fourteen years to build a vibrant child abuse multi-disciplinary team and a new Child Advocacy Center. As Director of the Center, he is currently working on adoption of a N.J. Child Bill of Rights modeled on the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, serves on the NJ Task Force on Child Abuse, Protection Subcommittee and the Metro Child Fatality Review Board. John says that “Each child I have worked with has taught me about the twin possibilities of hope and resilience.”
Ahmed Fahmy
President/Director of Social Services
Vice President
Board Treasurer/Executive Director
Director- Grants Coordinator
Director- Assistant Grants Coordinator
Director- Outreach
Director- Public Relations
Clinical Counselors
Legal Counsel
Advisory Board
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Hamid Dabashi
Public speaker, current affairs essayist, staunch anti-war activist.
Ph.D. in Sociology of Culture and Islamic Studies
Doctora dissertation on Max Weber's Theory of Charismatic Authority with Philip Rieff
Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literatue at Columbia University.
Series Editor of Literatures and Cultures of the Islamic World for Palgrave Macmillan.
International renowned cultural critic and award-winning author.
Founder of Dreams of a Nation, a Palestinian Film Project.
Run the extra mile for YOUR family!
Mr. Fahmy graduated from NJIT and is married with two children. He currently lives and works in London. His passionate for health and nutrition has helped him raise awareness for various agencies through his 25 marathons, four ultramarathons and four Ironmans.
A community-initiated, locally-owned, sustainable agriculture farm focused on providing wholesome and safe food by growing organically.
Wafa House, Inc’s objective is to maintain a facility that will strengthen and reinforce the family unit while emphasizing the value of human life through intervention and community awareness.

The agency is dedicated to educating and empowering each member of the family, consequently cultivating a prosperous and healthy community.
What is Wafa House?
What does Wafa House do?
Who does Wafa House help?

Collaborating Partners
St. Joseph's Healthcare System, Paterson, NJ
The Division of Child Protection and Permanency
Islamic Center of Passaic County
OASIS Haven for Women and Children
Muslim Mom Network
Mental Health Association in Passaic County
Head Start
Family Intervention Services
Masjid Al Tawheed, Jersey City, NJ
Eva's Village
SMILE for Charity
The Give Network
Muslims Against Hunger
The Recovery Center
Homeless Solutions
Jersey Battered Women's Service
Strengthen Our Sisters
Shelter Our Sisters
Women Rising
Women Aware
Babyland Family Services, Inc.
Website Coordinator
Mona Younes
Recipient of Rehab El-Buri Award for Community Service
Comic Relief by
Fariaz Rabbani
Family is the basic or most fundamental unit in any society. Sociologist and anthropologists define the family as a group of people who are united by ties of marriage, ancestry and adoption.

Domestic Violence Thrives when we are Silent
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