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Question 4- How did you use new media technologies in the construction, research and planning and evaluation stages?

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Melodie Abraham

on 3 May 2012

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Transcript of Question 4- How did you use new media technologies in the construction, research and planning and evaluation stages?

Question 4
Blogger is the main tool I use to record all of my work and it is where we get marked. It is online portfolio, accessible both at home and school, allowing you to present all stages of the coursework. Each member in the group has an individual blog and we have created a blog for our production company
Mellie Productions.
http://mellieproductions.blogspot.co.uk. Blogger is accessible by anyone so it makes sharing blog posts with the group. It also helps us in gaining feedback from our different rough cuts.
Research and Planning
How did you use new media technologies in the construction, research and planning and evaluation stages?
Research and Planning
Vimeo is a U.S.-based video-sharing website on which users can upload, share and view videos. You sign up to the site users can upload up to 500 MB of videos per week, and up to one HD video per week. This site is similar to You Tube but less popular with around 8 million registered users. We use this site mainly in school as You Tube is banned. This only down side is you have to wait at least half an our for you video to be processed by the site. Once your video has been uploaded you copy the embed code into a post.
You Tube
You tube is a video sharing website on which you can share, upload and watch videos. Its vital for the research and planning stages for us to research music video for basic conventions, for us to research our chosen band and to upload our rough cuts. You tube is every popular, the site has eight hundred million unique users a month. The huge amount of users means it is a great site for gaining audience feedback as people can comment on your videos, similar to how people cam comment on posts on blogger. We also have our videos uploaded to the IGS Media Students page http://www.youtube.com/user/IGSMediaStudies/videos.
Research and Planning
Blogger can also enable you to embed videos from sites such as YouTube and Vimeo so people can then view videos via your blog, this means people dont have to click through many links to access the video. I have used embedding in many of the posts on my blog for example when researching initial music videos.
Another gadget on blogger I used is the Hyperlink Tool. This is where you link to other sites and URL's, it means that you can link to other posts in your own blog.
Another gadget I used during my research was a links list. Its a way of putting posts together that are of the same topic or of importance. I used a links lists of the video deconstructions I did. Blogger has multiple gadgets you can use to make you blog more user friendly for example Polls or images.
Scribd is a document-sharing website that allows users to post documents of various formats, and embed them into a web page using its iPaper format. It was really useful for this such as story boards call sheets and treatments which where either hand written or they were word documents. What we did was scan in the hand written documents, upload them to scribd and then embed them into blogger posts.
DivShare is a media delivery system designed to make sharing content easy. We used it when we wanted to upload our podcast which we recorded on the voice recorder, we also use it to put MP3 files on our blog. It makes our blog have multi-media aspects and also all you have to do it click play.
The equipment we used to film our video was a HD camera its was very different to the Mini DV camera we used last year, the video quality was so much better. We also used a tri-pod when filming this was for image stabilization as we knew we would lose marks for shaky shots which were not intended. When taking the images of the band we used a camera from an Iphone.
When it came to using a computer we had access to Macs. We used 2 types of editing software. The first is iMovie. iMovie is a proprietary video editing software application sold by Apple Inc. for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. We used iMovie to edit our AS so it was no different we used this to import the cilps from the HD card in the camera and then exported and imported the clips sequence in Final Cut. Final Cut Express is more professional than iMovie, you can do a lot more such as transitions and effects and extract audio.
Final Cut has lot more options for special effects, the main ones we used were layering, this was done by changing the opacity of 2 shots and putting them on top of each other. We also use an effect called vignette which created a blur around the outside edges of the shot- we used this to signify a flash back.
To create our Digipak and Magazine Ad we used Photoshop. Photoshop allowed us to edit our images, and change the colour easily, meaning we could change our front and back panel images to grey scale ( black and white ) instead of RGB colour, we used RGB colour for our Mag Advert. with thr digipak Photoshop allowed us to add text to our image, with a variety of fonts and colours to choose from. Also it allowed us to play around with effects, for exmaple we tried out an effect called quadrant where the image was split into quarters and each quadrant was a different colour.
For our magazine advert we were also able to add text and change the saturation, the brightness and layer in faces of the boyband.
In the evaluation stages I used many of the technology previously mentioned for example the HD camera to film myself, Final Cut to edit and you tube to upload to video. I also used a tool called grab to take screen shots on the mac and snipping tool to take screen shots on my laptop, this was really useful as i can provide an image to illustrate what im talking about for example when explaining the different effects I used.
Another site i have use is Prezi, it is how i created this. Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides, its visually pleasing and a lot more interesting to view than a power point or just typed text. Its also an exmaple of new technology as it has only been around since 2010.
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