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Why do footballers get paid so much money when there are people starving in third world countries?

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hannah alsopp

on 8 May 2011

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Transcript of Why do footballers get paid so much money when there are people starving in third world countries?

Why do footballers get paid so much money when people are starving in third world countries????? Footballers have been getting large sums of money every year for kicking a football around a football pitch. Footballers have been getting large sums of money for many years and have been living a life of luxury. When you Compare this with the life of an average person living in the Kibera Slum, then everything falls into perspective. Does this seem fair to you?? Kibera Slum Steven Gerrards House ? In comparison;
On average a person in Kibera will get paid the equivelant of 50p to £1 each day. Wayne Rooney earns on average 140k every week.in just 1 square mile of land, up to 1 million people can live there at any one time. They all share the same toilet and they all have to use the same supply of water everyday. There is disease and illness but there is nothing that they can do about this. They cannot afford to move to another country, let alone another village/town yet somehow thay manage to survive on this tiny amount of money every day, from the day they are born to the day that they die.Kibera has a population roughly 30 times that of manhatten. Just a small aount of money that any footballer earns could The people of the Kiberan slum have to pay a rent of about 700 ksh per month (£6) and considering that they earn 50p a day, they barely have any money to afford food and the essentials of life. Steven Gerrard has a life of luxury. His house has a; jaccusi, playground for his children, plunge pool, swimming pool, gym and much much more. In Kibera,a person who leads a life of luxury is someone with the wage of a toilet cleaner. S/he can then afford to maybe buy a small telly and have enough for clean water. If someone had decided to take the job of the toilet cleaner then they have to clean the toilets in the slum which have over 2000 different people using them every day. This job is so highly paid because nobody wants to do it. The amount of money that the footballers are earning has started to ruin the whole point of the game of football. Now it is more about the money that they will earn for the game rather than the privelage of doing the game itself. The people in Kibera earn on average 50p to £1 every day. this is so small compared with that of Wayne Rooneys massive 140k a week. Footballers earn more than doctors. I find this a shocking fact as they save peoples lives and footballers only entertain. It's not just the footballers that are paid large sums of money. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan has so much money that he could afford to buy the club of Manchester City for 573 million pounds. This is like spare change to him as he is a billionaire. The slum is roughly the same size as New York City's central park. (about 1 and a half square miles) With the slum populating over one million people, the population is 30 times that of New York City, and Kibera doesn't have all of the multi-level housing and houses. It is just as basic as one, two (and if people are lucky) three rooms to one whole family or more. Most people living in Kibera have little, or no access to the basic facilities, such as running water electricity, sewage disposal or toilet facilities. There are also around 50,000 aids orphans living in Kibera and this puts a huge strain on the people who live in Kibera. Diseases such as maleria are spread extremely easily in Kibera as a cause of lack of space and people being so close together. Also, there are open sewers running by and through homes. ! Ronaldiniho's house How you can help

You can help the people living in
these poor conditions by donating money to charities such as Children In Need
Comic Relief
Save the Children
Red cross
and many many more!
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