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The Son of Neptune

Book Report for ELA

Meredith Paige

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of The Son of Neptune

Percy arrives at Camp Jupiter and meets Hazel and Frank. Frank's father Mars(Ares) gives them a quest to go find and rescue Thanatos. In order to do this they have to go to Alaska. On their way there they make a bet with a blind man. Percy won and started getting his memory back. Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Exposition Characters: Percy, Hazel, Frank
Setting: Camp Jupiter, Alaska In Alaska they find Thanatos and free him while battling Polybotes the giant. Percy gets his full memory back. Falling Action Camp Half-Blood Arrives.
To be continued..... The Son of Neptune By: Rick Riordan
Prezi by: Meredith
Smith Rising Action Climax Percy, Hazel, and Frank head back to Camp Jupiter where they are busy fighting off Gaea's minions. Luckily Tyson, Percy's half brother was there to help defeat them. Once they finished defeating the minions, Percy warned the Romans about his friends coming from Camp Half-Blood. He told them that they would be coming in a war ship but they came in peace. Percy has lost his memory and is trying to find his way to a camp. Character Backgrounds Percy Jackson Percy Jackson is a famous Greek demigod from New York, and Camp Half-Blood. But he has now lost his memory and can only remember one thing, Annabeth. When he arrives at Camp Jupiter and goes on this quest he starts to remember things about his past, and if he will ever see this Camp Half-Blood again. Hazel Levesque Hazel is a daughter of Pluto or the God of the underworld. She was originally born in 1928 in New Orleans but she died only died a couple of years later saving the world. Her mother had been possessed by Gaea and had used both of them to try to raise herself. Hazel killed her and her mother by bringing the sacred place of Gaea down. She has now been placed back into the world for a second chance at life and saving the world. Frank Zhang Frank is a descendent of several demigods and his historical background is really complicated. He's related to Hercules, descendent of Neptune part Chinese, and the son of Mars. He's mom died in war when he was young and lived with his grandmother until he was taken away to the wolf house to be seen if he was good enough to be at Camp Jupiter. Now he is on one of the biggest quest yet, and he has yet to discover his secret power. The Son of Neptune Trailer This story's conflict was:
Man vs. Man
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