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Sassandra, Côte d'Ivoire

Ecotourism after a civil war: Developing sustainable tourism

Kelly Ma

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Sassandra, Côte d'Ivoire

Can tourism provide sustainable development? Ready, Outline Introduction to Côte d'Ivoire Africa Côte d'Ivoire Atlantic Ocean Liberia Guinea Burkina
Faso Mali Ghana Sassandra Gulf of Guinea Parc Naturel de Gaoulou
Natural Park of Gaoulou San-Pédro Grand-Lahou Parc National de Taï
(National Park of Taï) Liberia Lac de Buyo
(Buyo Lake) Lac de Kossou
(Kossou Lake) Parc National de Marahoué
National Park of Marahoué Gagnoa Soubre Sassandra Where is Côte d’Ivoire? Developmental Indicators Get set, Jet! Côte d'Ivoire Outline Introduction to Côte d'Ivoire Sassandra Developmental Indicators GDP per capita GDP per capita in 2011 - US$1600 Economy severely impacted after 2003 - civil war Proposal Heavily dependent on agriculture-related activities GDP Composition School Life Expectancy Average school life expectancy 6 years School Life Expectancy Political crisis - causing harm to the education system Food Local Needs Activities Proposal Economic Benefits The Beach Village HIV/AIDS Adult
Prevalence Rate HIV/AIDS Adult Prevalence Rate 3.4% Conclusion Beach Village Small-scale, 7-day trip Abidjan Port Bouet Airport (In Sassandra) Shuttle Bus - 4 hours Local people hired for construction Building huts around the trees Water control Local fishermen employed Import from nearby villages Specializes in the fishing industry Honeypot: Gaoulou National Park Gulf of Guinea Opinions Gain foreign income Multiplier Effect Local Baule Tribe Employment Opportunities Economic Diversification Improvement of infrastructure Local amenities Cultural diversity Preservation of land and resources Local people Tourists Government Eco-tourism Sustainable development
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