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MASTER TP13 -Mt Lavinia

No description

vihangun ariyaratne

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of MASTER TP13 -Mt Lavinia

MASTER TP13 -Mt Lavinia
Initial plan and team
Engineering/ EHS team is responsible to maintain the standards
What is TP13?
TP13 is the Engineering standards audit held by the Global GSK engineering team
The Way out
Step 1 - Identify the critical areas which made us drag down
Where are we?
In 2013 audit, Dehiwala and Mt. Lavinia sites were ranked 50th and 52nd respectively out of 63 plants.
Plan and Timeline
This audit will be held in certain time periods and will rank all the gsk sites around the world
Both Sri Lankan sites will have our next TP13 audit in July, 2015
Dehiwala Scored 59 points and Mt.Lavinia scored 58 points
Gsk Global site rankings
Jurong holds the 1st place
with 81 points
Red areas will be identified and priority work list will be prepared
To be the no 1 plant by 2016!
"Utility Services" is the most critical section, needed to be addressed
If we at least achieved all the utility services to be Class A........
Our score would have been 71 with the number 25 spot in the ranking
So, though being number 1 can look hard......
Step 2 - Prepare an action plan delegate tasks
2014 April
2014 August
2014 December
2015 April
Stage 1
Preparing the action plan --> Responsibility - Nirosha, Vihangun

Commence work starting from Utility services

-Utility services section will be the primary target of the first 3 months as this is the most critical area.
-Mean while some projects on other areas will be added to the action plan
Stage 2
Internal feedback check of the work done in the first 3 months and plans to be reviewed.

Target of getting utility services plan and budgets clear to get the standard up to grade A
Stage 3
Internal Audit to review the status of the progress of parts which have been addressed

Review the TP13 Audit plan

Delegate sections of the July audit to the team
Stage 4
Internal Audit of all the sections against the TP13 marking scheme

Review action plan
-To be the NO1 gsk engineering site in the world
Action register will be prepared and be followed by review meetings once in two weeks
Phone- IN
Phone - in is an opportunity , which is given for the sites that scored <65 in the TP13 Audits
It gives the opportunity per quarter to upgrade the score from a 1 hour call
Plan for Mt Lavinia is to book a phone call
in end of May to get an advantage from the opportunity
Section owners should give a feed back on the possibilities of including their respective section for this section
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