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Theme Project- First They Killed My Father

No description

Austin Vogel

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Theme Project- First They Killed My Father

First They Killed My Father
-Theme Project 1. Life is not always fair
2. Family is the most important thing in life
3.What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
4. Hope pushes you to overcome obstacles
5. Sacrifices are not easy, but are neccesary for
6. The destruction of beauty helps you realize
beauty is everywhere
7. Don't give up in the face of danger
8. Love conquers all
9. War has its consequences
10. If you think strong; you'll be strong Themes Sacrifices are not easy, but are necessary for survival. Theme I am focusing on: 5 Examples from the book: #1 The title of the book "First They Killed My Father - a daughter of cambodia remembers" kind of gives away that in the story her father is going to be killed. This is a terrible event that she is remembering and is writing the book about it. Her father dieing in the the story is a great sacrifice to help his family survive. #2 On page 25 Loung has to use the bathroom and doesn't know what to do. She ask Ma, she says "You have to go in the woods, any where you can find" and also gives Loung paper money to wipe with. This shows their sacrifice of money to just get through something as simple as going to the bathroom. #3 Soon after the family had left the city, Loung remembered that they had to leave the cats. She asks Kim about what will happen to them and he says "Well, someone is probably having them for dinner by now!"(Ung pg.25) This shows the sacrifice of their family pets, because they did not have enough room or supplies to bring them along. #4 "The truck out of petrol, looks like we're going to have to walk the rest of the way" (Ung pg.28) This is the family sacrificing the truck so that they can keep on marching away from the city. They would definatly not have survived if they were to try and stay with the truck. #5 On page 27 Pa sacrifices his watch to the Khmer Rouge guard When he says "You! Give me your watch!" Pa replied "Certainly" with bent over shoulders, showing submission. Pa being so helpless looking and cooperative with the soldier saved their lives once again and allowed them to keep moving. 5 Outside Examples #1 The Bible, Jesus died on the cross. He sacrificed himself to forgive our sins. This let everyone start over and continue to live on earth. This is an example of sacrifice because he sacrificed his own body, to help others survive. #2 World Trade Center, is about all of the police officers and firefighters that made the ultimate sacrifice. They sacrificed their lives to save innocent civilians in and around the world trade centers when they were attacked. Lots of others survived because of their sacrifice.
#3 The song Pirate Flag- This song talks about how Kenny Chesney sacrificed his normal life and just left one day, leaving everything behind. He went out looking for the beach, a pirate flag, and an island girl. His sacrifice payed off because he found each of those things in the end. Importance of the Theme in the book: The theme "Sacrifices are not easy, but are necessary for survival" is very important in the book, it is shown in almost every scene. The whole story of Loung's family leaving the city is about sacrifices needed to survive. The sacrifices range from just giving up a watch to one of the Khmer Rouge soldiers all the way to sacrificing their own life. These sacrifices show the willingness and determination of each of the characters. These sacrifices also help characterize the characters. How the Theme is relevant to today: This theme relates to almost everybody in modern time. People are faced with difficult choices everyday and are forced to make decisions. The sacrifices are some times great, and some are small. But all help in some way to help you get through the day and "survive". This book lets the modern day reader realize that sacrifices are needed in everyday life. #4 In this news paper article, a 61 year old man and his 32 year old son were walking along the road. When a car came plummeting at them at high speed. The dad pushed the son out of the way a took the full blow. He died instantly and the sun was unharmed. This man again showed the ultimate sacrifice, by dying to safe his child. #5 Gladiator- This movie is about an ex-military officer who is turned into a slave and has to fight as a gladiator for freedom. He sacrifices his beliefs and safety to reach freedom. His sacrifice pays off and he gains freedom in the end.
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