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iPad Information Evening

outlines protocols, policies, leasing options etc

Jo chapman

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of iPad Information Evening

iPads at W.P.P.S.: Information Evening #2 Management of iPads at school Welcome: your options
iPads in action (work samples)
Technical Info
Purchasing/Leasing Info
Management of iPads - school & home
Questions Questions
Engaging Students Agenda Insurance for iPads - recommend transit, check your policy
iTunes $50 voucher will cover start up apps - cost significantly less in subsequent years. New apps to be purchased will be in level Term Overviews, only if required and prior to this will be approved by ICT Committee
The iPad will provide many options for students providing alternative dictionaries, research books, calculator, brainstorming, camera, word processor, presentation device
What if iPad needs fixing? Who is responsible? Questions Questions High expectations & clear consequences
Licence issued to students when care demonstrated
Student Agreement - will need to be explained at home to students and will be referred to and on display in class
Transport to and from school will require special care from home and school - arriving near school start time
Storage at school - lockable cabinets
Used for many things - calculator, dictionary, research, presentations, camera to record work
Specific apps for teaching skills
Not a replacement for activity learning
Cybersmart - school becoming accredited Management of iPad at home
- Some Recommendations- Timeline Share the experience
Set boundaries
Parental Controls Where to from here? Welcome Buying/Leasing an iPad Work Samples Technical Info Why iPad over android?
Why is the school not just buying everyone iPads?
iPad - internet capabilities at home
Health & safety
Parental controls Jon Ward (School Technician) Julie Crawford ICT Committee James Mugg (Education Advantage) Engaging Students ICT in The Australian Curriculum Purchase Prices iPads
iPad 3 16GB with retina display $517 inc GST
iPad 3 32GB with retina display $737 inc GST

iPad 2 16GB $407 inc GST

iPad mini 16GB $352 inc GST
iPad mini 32GB $462 inc GST

Insurance and Cover Prices (all models)
2 Year Apple Care Support $90 inc GST

iPad Cases
STM Grip Folio Case for iPad $49 inc GST
STM Grip Folio Case for iPad Mini $45 inc GST iPads can be purchased from now from any supplier

Orders taken via Education Advantage from next Monday 12th November to Thursday 22nd November 2012 (online)

Delivery time: by Thursday 13th December 2012

Include in program in the new year (2013) ICT Purchases Over many years, Wonga Park PS has dedicated significant funds each year in order to provide up to date ICT tools. Funds are derived from State and Federal funding and locally raised funds.
The following are approximate amounts invested in ICT: Year Devices Cost Total Yearly Cost 2010 15 Interactive Whiteboards & 20 desktop computers
15 flip cameras
4 digital cameras $35,000 (+ $20,000 per year for 5yr lease)
$1200 $60,200 2011 2 Interactive Whiteboards
1 Mobile Interactive Whiteboard
32 netbooks, recharging cages (Grades 5/6)
2 servers
15 iPads and covers $20,000 ongoing lease

$8,000 $66,000 2012 32 netbooks, recharging cages (Grades 3/4)
cabling & upgrade WAPS
10 iPads & covers $20, 000 ongoing lease

$5,000 $49,500 The Process Getting School Council and community on board Information evenings were used to outline the vision and describe the rationale of mobile devices (iPads) to enhance the educational experience of students. Information The Key The community was kept informed by: * ICT news updates
* Website ICT information - inc CBL video
* Parent Information Nights - Both Level and iPad Showcasing Student Work CBL expos
Student work showcased at assembly
Open night Acquiring iPads Ordered by Christmas
Lockable cabinets obtained
Student use licensed, regarding care and cybersafety
Introduction in stages for levels iPads at Wonga Park Consolidating protocols handling, care and cybersafety modified
selecting suitable apps Evaluation assessing student use
reviewing effective learning
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