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Analysing Media Products 21Jump Street

Cambridge Technicals Media Level 3 Unit 1

Reece Hyam

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Analysing Media Products 21Jump Street

Analysing Media Products Media Institutions Ownership: The owners of 21 Jump Street are ‘MGM’ which stands for ‘Metro Goldwyn Mayer’. They not only do films, but cartoons like for example Tom and Jerry, this means that they have a wide audience, which they make a lot of money from. MMG are known throughout the world for their studio productions. They are an American media company, which is involved for the distribution of films and television programs. They were also once the largest film studios and were founded in 1924. Marcus Loew was and still is the owner and the founder of the company MGM, as Loews Corporation owns MGM. Operating Model: Worldwide, the company distributes their own television programs in cooperation with Sony due to the fact that MGM’s purchase was by a grouping led be the company of Sony. However they also distribute some of their classic library television shows such as Hollywood Square to viewers who like them sorts of shows. Products: MGM have produced a large number of films and television programs throughout the course of almost 90 years. They have produced cartoons such as Tom and Jerry and Droopy, which were the most viewed programs from an early stage. Their most recent film production was the new James Bond film called ‘Skyfall’ and also ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’. MGM are also producing films in a later stage including a series of ‘The Hobbit’ in cooperation with Warner Brothers. Metro Goldwyn Mayer Inc. is a leading entertainment company focused on the production and distribution of film and television content globally. The company owns one of the world’s deepest libraries of premium film and television content. Competitors:The main competitors of Metro Goldwyn Mayer are; Universal Studios as they have such a wide variety of classic films such as Jurassic Park and E.T. It is an American motion pictures studio, which is on of the six major movie studios. It was founded in April 30, 1912, which is over 100 years old. Their headquarters is situated in California, however they have a wide amount of locations including Orlando, Japan and Singapore. Also Eon Production would be another major competitor as they have produced the James Bond Sequences where MGM was supposed to produce; however they went bankrupt so therefore they could not produce the money to support James Bond. There are four big competitors’ that distribute the high-end films so therefore the competition will be very high. Movie Database Film Review Financial Intentions Demographics 21 Jump Street This summary shows you that more females watched 21 Jump Street than males, this means that this will effect the whole of the questionnaire as some of the questions will associate more to women than men, including the reasons that Channing Tatum was their favourite actors as he is very handsome; whereas if the predominant gender was males then Jonah Hill would be their favourite as he is very humorous in the films that he stars in. The age range is mostly the rating of 12-16 as the age rating is a 15, so therefore the majority of people that would have watched this film would be this category. Also because this day and age, the technology is very good so therefore people do not even have to step outside their doorstep to watch films, the majority of people watch their films online by downloading films very fast or even streaming them for faster access. You do not have to pay for cinema fee’s however a few people chose that they prefer to go in an inclosed area to watch their films as this maybe better comfort and atmosphere for them. As you can see, my target audience rated this film an 8 out of 10 whereas film website ratings have rated this film a 7.2, this is because my target audience is a lot younger than the adults that have watched the film and then express their opinions on www.IMDb.com. This means that the 12-16 year olds which was my target audience enjoyed the film more than the rating which the website said. This questionnaire shows that my target audience thoroughly enjoyed 21 Jump Street as it says in my comment box question that they said it was very funny and it was a great film with a lot of suburb actors. Summary There was no other people my target audience thought were their favourite actor other than the two main characters, which were Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. It was a very close question with only one vote in it, however my target audience voted that Channing Tatum was their favourite actor out of the whole film. This may be because he is more famous and known than Jonah Hill as Channing has starred in many more films. Also as my target audience is majority female, Channing Tatum would be favourite to be their favourite actor, if my target audience is predominantly Males then their favourite actor would be Jonah Hill as he has starred in more comedies and is funnier. Who was your favourite actor in the film? The majority of my audience were white / caucasian, this might be the fact that the main characters are also white and other ethnic origins were not intimidated yet not welcomed to watch this film, however any ethnic origin is welcome to watch this film. Ethnic Origin? This pie chart shows that no people from my target audience watched 21 Jump Street on a mobile device as maybe my audience likes to watch films in cinemas and also stream their films for free on the internet. In this day and age my target audience which is from 12-16 would generally stream the film as of the internet is a very powerful and reliable source to gain entertainment from, so they rely on this as it is free and is very fast to gain access from. Where did you watch 21 Jump Street? The vast majority of my target audience voted that 21 Jump Street was an 8 out of 10.
Yet as you can see my answers were very evenly spread out across the chart, this means that
my target audience thought vastly with this film. IMDb have rated this film a 7.2 out of 10 yet my target audience said it was an 8 out 10. This means that the target audience that I chose to ask thought that the film was rated higher than the website as maybe because of the age boundaries that can access the website. What would you rate this film out of 10?
(10 being the best) In this pie chart, it shows that because the film is a comedy, the people that I asked choose this answer, this connotes that only because its a comedy, the target audience watched it. However word of mouth is close which means that it was reviewed and passed on by a friend, young people. The word of mouth was very high because the target audience of this film like to gossip about the films in groups of people. What was your reason for watching 21 jump Street? Gender? As you can see the predominant vote is for female, this connotes that females like comedies more than males as this film is based on a comedy. This pie chart shows that More females viewed this film than males, this may be because my male/female ratio was uneven. As you can see my target audience generally thought that the film itself met the expectations, however 27% didn’t think so. However I am going to be part of a focus group so therefore this will give me an idea of the expectations of my target audience. Did the film meet your expectations? Age? The majority vote was ’12-16’, this was due to as I was asking the people of my age as I am in a school and the majority of people in school are aged 12-16. However I did try to even it out to give my pie chart a variety. In this day and age my target audience which is from 12-16 would generally watch every film that is a comedy so therefore the predominant age is 12-16 year olds. ‘Very funny film, better than I originally expected’ ‘It had a clear narrative and it was humorous’ ‘I thought that the film was funny and easy to understand what was happening’ ‘It was funny’ ‘Its Great :)’ ‘Had good acting however I thought it was over rated’ ‘Its a funny film that I enjoyed’ ‘Good’ ‘Great film, cast were superb’ ‘Funny’ ‘It was quite funny at times’ This was a question were you write you own answer and the responses varied, however only saying good stuff about the film which means that my target audience generally enjoyed the film. The film was generally classed as ‘Funny’ as this is a key word that people have used to classify this film. What was your overall opinion on the film? Focus Group Analsyis of Focus Group Distribution There are many ways to access the films including; websites where you can stream the film weather it be illegal or not, also you can watch the film with such things as LoveFilm which is good as the company send you the film by the post so you don’t have to stream the film with it buffering, and Netflix which is a very reliable source as the you do not have to wait for the company to send you the film. Cinema is another great way to watch films as it brings the atmosphere towards the film itself, it gives the film more excitement than it would normally. Watching the film on DVD/Blu-Ray is excellent if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home. Columbia Pictures The premier of 21 Jump Street took place on March 12 2012 as the Paramount Theatre in Texas, the film opened in a wide release un theaters on March 16 2012. Also the film hit in Box office with $13 million on its opening day. When the weekend passed, the film grossed to about $35 million which taken the number one spot that it held for its first two weeks. Overall 21 Jump Street made a total of $201 million worldwide and is till this day the number one top-grossing movie which is situated in the High School Comedy genre. It was released on DVD and Blu-ray throughout the whole world on July 9 2012 for people to purchase the film if they already haven’t gone to watch the film in cinemas. Columbia Pictures Print adverts was a major way to promote 21 Jump Street as you could see it everywhere you went. It was on billboards, buses, taxis and many more other places which were easily visible. This would draw in the maximum potential for their target audience. It also gives you some sort of sense of what is actually going to happen within the film without you watching it. This type of distribution is a very good way to get your target audience ready for when the film comes out. Print Adverts In the film, the two main characters made a fuss over the backpacks which is owned by the brand of ‘Jansport’, this is a product placement in 21 Jump Street. Columbia Pictures The film is owned by Columbia pictures and Columbia Pictures is owned by Sony Pictures, so therefore they introduced the phone ‘SonyEricsson Xperia’ in one of the scenes in 21 Jump Street. It was expected to see the mobile in the movie as they wanted to promote the mobile before it had came out. Columbia Pictures Technology creates sociality whilst you are watching films, for example Twitter is a big way to express your views on the film which you are watching due to the way not only you are tweeting, but also your social group will also be at the same time which creates convocations and opinion based answers between you and your friends. Also the way in which we use our mobile phones to text or speak to someone over the phone about the films in which you are watching is another way technology has an impact on communication. Columbia Pictures Columbia Pictures are going to distribute a sequel to 21 Jump Street as they have announced that Sony Pictures are pursuing a sequel to the film. Columbia Pictures know how much profit can be made from distributing this film as the previous film was a big hit worldwide for the target audience in which it was set out for. There are promotional screening to go for free to watch the film still to this date, I know this as there is a whole website in which revolves around 21 Jump Street. It is being showed at the Montreal Advance Screening, which is a good way to promote the film as much as possible. Columbia Pictures 21 Jump Street is a worldwide film which was distributed by ‘Columbia Pictures‘ in 2012, in May 2008 they confirmed that a film version on 21 jump street was under construction. It was set in and around the city of New Orleans, Louisiana (United States of America). On November 18th 2012,‘Sony Pictures’ announced it has passed $4 billion with the success of Columbia’s releases including; Sky fall, The Amazing Spider-Man, 21 Jump Street and many more films. Columbia was founded in Los Angeles in 1918 as C.B.C Film Sales, however it was renamed in January 10th, 1924 to the name it is today. There were in total of 3 founders of Columbia Pictures, 2 of which were brothers. Columbia Pictures TV Adverts are another great way to promote and distribute the films and thats what the distributors have done correctly. There was a total of 25million people who watched the advert in total so therefore they made most if not everyone from their target audience watch the advert. This promoted the film and helped the film out very much due to the way in which the advert draws you in and immediately makes you want to watch the film. TV Adverts The official trailer was made by Columbia Pictures and had around about 8 million views world wide. The trailer teases you with a few great scenes from the actual film and also shows you the cooperation in which both characters have towards each other. It doesn’t leak the whole plot of the film however draws the attention of the target audience. Trailers There are a variety of product placement from the movie including cars; when the film first starts they pull up in an old Ford Mustang, then when they progress in the 21Jump Street division they soon want a brand new Chevrolet Camaro. Also other cars like Porsche and other top end cars are seen when they have the main car chase. Columbia Pictures Im looking at an action movie and in that trailer I would expect to see gun fire, high speed car chases and the use of drugs involved. I would also expect to see the characters names, the age rating and also the copyright laws.

This is the official trailer to the film 21 Jump Street, this trailer is used to tease the public auidence which makes the auidence want to go to see the film. It was released for the effect on the target audence in which 21 jump street was appealing to, the target audience was from 15-24. We know this due to the way in which the guidelines were passed for a 15+. This is an interactive game on the official website for 21 Jump Street. This game would have got the audience in the mood for the release of the film, as it gets people involved with the community. The game itself may be looking at the younger audience as obviously younger people play more games than the older audience. It also gives people a chance to interact with other players competitively via high scores on the game. Legal and Ethical Issues BBFC stands for British Board of Film Classification, which is a non-governmental organisation. It is funded by the industry and is responsible for the nation classification of films in the UK. It does DVD’s, videos and some video games. There are many symbols to determine what age you can be to watch or view the material. Universal basically means that all ages are allowed to view the material. Parental Guidance means all ages allowed, however some scenes may be unsuitable for children. 12A are films under this category considered to be unsuitable for young people. Under the age of 12 years are only allowed to view if accompanied by an adult. A 15 rated film means that only those who are above the age limit are admitted. Films, which are under this category, contain adult content, hard drugs and strong language very frequently. Sexual references also are contained in this category. An 18 rated film means strictly that adults are allowed to view, explicit sexual activity is allowed where real sex is permitted. Gory, strong violence is permitted also. Restricted 18 can only been shown at licensed cinemas and sex shops to those who are over 18 (Identification required). This includes underage sex. Classification woks in order to protect children from what they should and shouldn’t watch view and play, the BBFC are here to examine the age rating of films and videos before they are leased to evaluate weather are not it is the age rating which the film set out for. They can change the age rating if they think a certain age group cannot view it. They look at certain things including discrimination, horror, nudity, sex, violence and the used and intake of drugs. They also look at the context and the impact for the potential audience. In my opinion I think that the BBFC play a very important role for the British audience due to the fact that it prevents young children from watching, viewing or playing something that they shouldn’t. If the BBFC wasn’t to be there to do this, then young children will get ideas about crime and the use of guns and knives, also the act of underage sex, so therefore I think it plays a very big roles on films and video games throughout the world. 21 jump street is rated 15 and was passed with no cuts by the BBFC, however the film Borat is a 15 yet it was originally supposed to be a rating of 18, the BBFC acted on this and told the producers to make cuts to the film.

21 Jump street was the 6th most illigally downloaded film in 2012 which decreases the net value of the film in total as once you illigally download the film, the company is not getting money from people doing this. The interllectual rights have person to person sharing is recognized by many countries as a copyright infringment. BBFC case studies ‘21 Jump Street’ was entered and passed with no cuts included as a rated 15. There was no risk of harm included of drug taking and sexual references. BBFC have decided that a rated 15 can have a very vast amount of strong language including the words of ‘Cunt’ and ‘Fuck’ which is very crude for the viewers which are just 15. BBFC has allowed sexual activity that can be portrayed; sex scenes can be quite long, which may involve nudity, however there are constraints on nudity in a non-sexual or educational context. At the rating of 15, the violence can be strong, which inflicts pain and injuries.Legal IssuesThere are many legal issues that the film of 21 Jump Street has including drug taking as the whole film is based on taking down drug dealers, violence is also a main factor in this film as it is a comedy, however 21 jump street is filled of violence yet the violence that is funny.There was no footage of the film that was cut out to fit the target audience age rating which was a 15. Even the film trailer which was 3 minutes long and was an 18 passed with no cuts or edits involved. Even though 21 jump street involves strong language, sex references, violence and drug use, the film still made it into the category of a 15, however the guidelines at '15' state 'Drug taking may be shown but the film as a whole must not promote or encourage drug misuse'; so therefore it will be allowed to be shown at this age rating. Also the guidelines at '15' state 'Sexual activity may be portrayed without strong detail. There may be strong verbal references to sexual behaviour' so this can be allowed also. Ethical IssuesEthical issues including racism is showed in this film as Channing Tatum punches a black person yet not intestinally because he was black, however the film is rated 15 overall. The video trailer was rating an 18 as of the explicit content that was shown for the three whole minutes that the film trailer was on for. Sexism was involved as Jonah Hill was dating an underage person inside the school that they were investigating. People can relate this to pedophilia as he is dating a younger, some people would find this very crude as people do work in schools and find that dating an older man is very shocking towards the general public. Also the way the two main characters (Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill) banter about the use of women being less dominant in the film, This can affect the public audience especially woman who are watching the film. The website http://www.bbfc.co.uk believed that overall ‘21 Jump Street’ was rated 15 as this film does contain violence and sexual references; however not to an extent that it will horrify the target audience. The producers and directors that made the film were originally looking at the age rating of 15, as this is the rating for the film. If they were to put it up to an age rating of 18 they would of lost their potential target audience, we have seen this in such films like ‘Borat’.The website http://www.MPAA.com believed that ’21 Jump Street’ is rated as an ‘R’ which is the equivalent to a rating of 18 in the United Kingdom, They thought that the film was too crude and had too much sexual content involved. Also pervasive language, drug material, teen drinking and some violence. So therefore the websites the I got information from is telling me two different things about the film itself, that the film is a rating 15 in the United Kingdom and a rated 18 in the United Stares of America.Conclusion In my opinion, I think that the film should be a rating of a 15 as yes there are explicit content, but not to the extreme of rating the film an 18, just because 21 Jump Street include references to drugs, doesn’t mean that the film isn’t educational to the wider public. The film is set out to be the good guys and prevent the use of drugs, not to be addicted to them in a way that the target audience will be enthusiastic about taking drugs after watching the film. So in my opinion, the film should be a rated 15 throughout the world for the simple fact that it shouldn’t be rated an 18 movie due to the way in which it does not harm the public viewers that have or are going to watch the film. Demonstrate an understanding of 21 jump Street My focus group was filled with a variety of answers which gave me an understanding of what type of genre the people were that effect the film. For example Cary liked the stupidity side of the comedy and Holly liked the romantic side of the comedy. This shows me that everyone has their own opinions on the film, it isnt just a one answer question. 21 Jump Street Questionnaire The majority of votes said that the target audience was set out for teenagers as of not only the rating of the film which is a 15, but because I asked most of the people that were teenagers themselves which could alter the views and opinions of the people that I have asked. What target audience was the film set out for? The majority of my answers said that they were very modern stereotypes which effected the film vastly. Also because Jonah hill and Channing Tatum are two different people, that act differently in the film. As we know Tatum is very muscular so therefore he is the one who is athletic and willing to run after criminals on foot as he has that athleticism in his character profile, whereas we know that Hill isn’t as perfect in the way of masculinity, however he has the brains of the cooperation as he gets maximum marks in tests as such. How is stereotypes included in this film? As you can see the majority of people that I asked said they thought that 21 Jump Street was very humorous as you can see 71% of the votes went to this category. This connotes that the opening scene of the film was very funny and entertaining. However both 14% of the votes went to scary and boring, this shows that not everyone that I asked like or enjoyed the opening scene of the film that I have chosen. No one that i gave out my questionnaire to said that it was flat, so therefore overall my target audience enjoyed the opening of 21 jump street as a whole. What did you think of the opening scene of 21 Jump street? This pie chart shows us that drugs were not really a main factor in the film, however drugs were involved in the plot. This question was to see if after the film was finished were you most likely to be tempted to use drugs, however I may have worded the question wrong so therefore the opinions that my audience answered may have been effected by this. This chart represents that if drugs were a main factor in the film of 21 jump street and thirty-three percent said yes, they were because the whole plot revolves around drug use and drug intake, however if sixty-seven percent said that it wasn’t a main factor, then of course my audience is not wrong. Did you think drugs was a main factor inside the film? As you can see, the votes are very mixed and spread out across the board, however the most votes we that it was watched as the people wanted to be entertained by 21 Jump Street. A big percentage of votes went to escape reality, as you forget your surroundings as it sucks you into watching the film, you do not want to miss any detail of the film as you are focused on the plot of the film itself. Also to be informed was another answer that some of my audience chose, this is because the film includes drugs and this could inform the viewers that are watching that drugs are not a good thing to take and also the effects that drugs have on people, especially as it is in a college which most of the audience that I asked are in some type of education. What was the purpose of watching the film? As you can see the majority of the vote said that they agreed and said that yes, they did have the male gaze when Channing Tatum entered the scene. This is because he very handsome and females fantasize about him and boys envy him. The other percentage which was 29% of the votes said that they disagreed and said no, he did not cause a male gaze, this may be because of many reasons for example if they were a male and didn’t think they were homosexual. Did the ‘Male Gaze’ intervene when Channing Tatum was in the scene? This chart shows us that near enough a quarter of the percentage said they watched the film in a friends house, five percent said other, thirty-two percent said they watched the film in their own house and forty-one percent also said they went to the cinema to watch 21 jump street. Cinema was the most voted as this connotes that that my target audience likes or rather prefers to watch the film in a more dramatic environment rather than watching the film anywhere else, the sort of environment can make the film better or worse, depending on where you are. Other was voted by one person which represent that he or she likes to watch it in an environment that better suits them, need it be streamed on a computer or downloaded on his or her phone or android. Where did you watch the film? This chart shows you that the most votes went to ‘Alone’ which means that they watched the film by themselves, the main reason I asked this question was because different people act differently towards a film when they are in different environments. As if you are watching the film with your friends you are discussing what the strong points are and also the weak points of a film, so therefore your friends will dictate your views and opinions of the film, however if you are alone your verdict is your own opinion. People like to watch films with their family as it is a comedy which can be good to watch with relatives, also because it is a 15 rated so therefore we know that there is not going to be any sexual scenes involved in the film, so therefore there is no awkward moments between the family. How did you watch the film? As you can clearly see, the audience that I asked to fill in my questionnaire thought that the produce done his job to perfection, due to the way in which nobody said that it failed to perform. Most of the people that I asked said that the film was exceptionally well thought out with punchlines to make the audience laugh, which a strong comedy should have. The producers who are Stephen J. Cannel and Neal H. Moritz are pretty known to make funny comedy films without the need of swearing and sexual scenes, this is what makes them good producers. Did you think the producer done his job properly to make you laugh? Prezi: 21 Jump Street The film was made for money purposes and to make maximum profit. The reason behind 21 jump street was to get the target audience entertained as much as possible, this is because the genre was based on a comedy. They made a profit of $35 million which was the target in which they were aiming for. Production Process Jonah Hill and Michael Bacall wrote the story of 21 jump street, they are both very successful in the business of movies and the production of movies. The film was directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, them and both Jonah Hill and Michael Bacall wrote all of the scenes towards 21 Jump Street. The producers of the film was Stephen J. Cannell, Neal H. Moritz, and Channing Tatum. The budget of the film was Budget $42 million and the Box office 201,585,328. It was distributed by Columbia Pictures and the editing was done by Joel Negrone. All of the cinematography was donw by Barry Peterson. the main-on-end sequence was about research and clever image pairings. We wanted content which would hit on two levels: fitting stylistically within the film’s action/comedy vernacular as well as playing off the credits themselves in a funny way. For example, the "Edited by" card is paired with an axe hacking away at a tree stump and the “Executive Producer” cards are paired with stacks of money and vaults being blown up. The pre production of 21 jump street had a total of 15 weeks of shooting time which was generally a long time to shoot a film. Once the editing stage occured, there was no cuts made to the film, therefore keeping all the footage. The special effects were made by the programs of Sony 'ColorWorks' and 'Pixel Magic' which were both visual effects and also 'DuMonde VFX' to enhance the visual effect aswell. The film was shot in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The Post Production was the editing was done by Joel Negrone, they actually used paintball guns to immitate the action scenes instead of fake guns. This is very rare to do as if one person makes a mistake, then they have to reshoot another day or another time of day. To capture the whole movie, the camera that were used was a Arri Alexa and a Arriflex 435 to capture the high-speed shots including the car chases and the fight scenes. Character Proxemics Staging Positions Character Placement Framing Density Subsidiary Contrasts Colour Values Camera Angle Shot and Camera Proxemics Lighting-Key Dominance The frame in the shot as you can see the main character has room to lead him into the next shot, the character is placed jumping from the left corner to the centre, this creates the atmosphere of what is going to happen next, he has a lot of room to move around with nothing blocking him within the frame. This type of image is considered to be loose and therefore its suggests that the character has freedom in what he is trying to accomplish. As you can see the dominant character here is the actor of Channing Tatum as he is the only person in the image. The size of the person doesn’t take up most of the frame, however he is the largest object in the image so therefore we know that he is the most dominant character in this shot, so we draw attention to it. Also we see that the person in the foreground is in focus and the background is slightly out of focus so therefore we can see that this creates dominance to the main character. 21 jump street The character proxemics are that its a social distance as this type of distance ranges from roughly four feet to about twelve feet away from the camera, the distance is a friendly range in most cases, yet not this one as he is in a gin scene. It is a formal distance to be at other than other distances like the personal distance. The staging position is classed as ‘Quarter Turn’ as this offers a major degree acquaintance and relationship between the main character and the audience that is watching. This is the favored type of staging position for people who create films as it shows that it has less emotion involvement than the ‘Full-Front’ position. The main character occupies the centre of the image as this suggests as he has aspiration, authority and power, we know this because one; he has a fire-arm on him and is looking to shoot at someone, probably the villain as we know he is the hero because of the colour of his suit is white and the colour white can relate to being a good guy and defeating the bad guys. The character is placed in mid-air which shows some sort of dominance over the villain. There is a lot of visual information packed into this image as there a lot of things going on in both the foreground and the background, and also the the texture of the image is moderately detailed as there are many things to lead you eye to; for example firstly the main character as he is in the foreground and the most dominant in the photo, then the background as there are many bursts of colours on the bed, and then finally the plant pot in the corner of the frame as this does not blend in with the picture. After the most dominant character, our eyes are set on the background or whats going on behind him, and straight away we see this blemish of colour directly below the main character. This represents that maybe after we see the purity and neutral colour of the white, we get this burst of red, green and blue. We see that there is a lot of light beaming down on him which represents that he is the person we should be looking for at this moment of time. The dominant colour as we see is white, this colour can represent purity and maybe even create a colour-less atmosphere. The background contrasts with the foreground as they are similar colours so therefore this creates a delusional effect to whether or not the main character blends in to the background. The colour white symbolizes a neutral, calm atmosphere however the main character has a gun and is therefore not calm and neutral. The scene is set in an expensive hotel where you would not think this type of occasion would occur. This type of camera angle is an eye
level shot, we know this because it is
the clearest view of the object, yet
it creates seldom as its intrinsically
dramatic, because it tends to be a normal
picture. This type of camera angle was
chosen because it creates tension as we do
not know what is going to happen in the
next scene. This type of shot is a full shot as I want the target audience to experience the full proxemics. This shot shows the character in full yet it creates a story behind it, as you think what is the character going to do next. This picture is an effect of high key lighting as the image features bright, radiant white colours to illuminate the image. We see that the character is wearing a white suit to blend into the background. The top half of the image illuminates the whole picture as this is where most of the light is coming from, We immediately notice this because that is where our eye catches first. There is no great contrast between the foreground and the background because we want to blend both into each other. This lighting effect is used preferably in comedies. Market Position: The definition of market position is the ranking of a brand, company or product, in terms of its sales volume relative to the sales volume of it competitions in the same market or industry. Television, filming and computerized games whereas Metro Goldwyn Mayer has done this. With a tradition of producing some of Hollywood's most beloved films at the core of its business, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. has evolved into an integrated and diversified modern media company. Its numerous operations now encompass film production, television programming, interactive entertainment, music, animation, licensing, and more, with each division contributing to the continued growth and success of MGM. The film trailer of 21 Jump Street uses a variety of editing techniques and in this document I will be discussing how effective they are towards the audience, from a normal cut to such editing techniques like a wipe and a dissolve to follow the scene’s.Straight away we notice that the opening scene of the trailer’s use of cuts is very significant as we can already tell that this film is going to be full of action, the cuts make the trailer look very fast pace and therefore build up an image of the actual film itself. The reason that a cut is used straight away is because it creates a lot of atmosphere and therefore you will want to watch the film in full, however if the editor wished to of used a less abrupt type of transition like a fade, wipe or dissolve in the opening scene, we would immediately think that the genre of this film would be a romantic or a comedy. Theory 1 The state of equilibrium at the outset is to find the drug dealers at a High School in America, which they have to go as undercover cops due to the way in which they look young enough to fit into a role of students in a school. As the trailer begins we see an immediate opposition of the two characters, which can also be the state of equilibrium because they are two very different people with different roles to play in the outset. The disruption soon happens once they make their first arrest on somebody and they both didn't read the miranda rights to the person in which they arrested, they go and see the chief officer in his office and then we realise Jenko, who is the masculine out of two doesnt know the miranda rights at all. This is the disruption of the equilibrium as they didn't know that the person in which they arrested was the drug dealers that were supplying the school kids in the High School in which they go undercover in. The recognition that there has been a disrubtion is that they get sent to 21 Jump Street which is a place for young cops, the two main characters are assigned to go undercover in the High School and their assaignment is to find the suppliers of the drugs.
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