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Baby Boomers

Michele Milkey, Lauren Gerhardstein, Catherine Brugnolotti

Lauren Gerhardstein

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers :) Generation
-85% of the homes built in the 1950s were in the suburbs
-People lived here because they thought it was the American Dream
-Which was affordable house, good schools, safe environment Baby Boom: in the late 1940 to the 60s the birth rate exploded; the height was in 1957 when one baby was born every 7 seconds totaling in 4,308,000 babies born that year. It was the largest generation in the Nations history. Why?: after the war there was a reunion of husbands and wives; also the marriage age was lowered; people wanted llarge families; there were advances in medicine Many drugs were dicovered during this time period. Dr. Jonas Salk
developed a vaccine for polio. Dr. Benjamin Spock wrote guidelines on
how to raise children including not to spank or scold your children, to have the
mothers at home and proposed that the governement paid them to stay home. Because of all the kids, it helped the American economy, such as toy sales. There was also a large increase of school enrollment, which led to a teacher shortage.
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