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Copy of iPads and Projects and Apps, OH MY!

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courtney pepe

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of iPads and Projects and Apps, OH MY!

Be Prepared to have your Teacher's FLIP OUT
Be Prepared to have your IT department FLIP OUT
Don't give up - breathe - remember that Apple (and other iPad program managers) are very willing to help you.
iPads and Projects and Apps, OH MY!
Effectively Integrating iPads into Your Science Classroom

Gradebook Pro to keep in touch
with students and parents

Use your plan book as a journal to keep
track of what does and does not work.
Extremely helpful in year 2.

Start a blog!

Use Twitter to connect professionally
@eglassman757 @espatterson
and with your classroom

and Projects...
"App"solutely Amazing Results
Be a classroom that uses iPads instead of an iPad classroom.

What does and doesn't work
are equally important.

Be flexible with deadlines.

Have solid rubrics for grading.

Always have a clear purpose for using the iPad.

Who We Are
Elizabeth Glassman (@eglassman757)
-Biology Teacher
-Year 2 of shared iPads

Ed Patterson (@espatterson)
-Director of Educational Technology

Norfolk Academy
-Grades 1-12
-Independent Day School

...and APPS,
Elizabeth Glassman & Ed Patterson
EdTech Teacher iPad Conference
Boston 2013

Why shared iPads?
By design
Curricular focus on reading and writing
inclusive - no haves & have not's
So what changed
Ordered 40 iPads - (2 classrooms)
2 Bretford Powersync Carts
40 Otterbox Cases
(adding keyboards this year)
Purchase the Text from iBooks
1 MacBook to manage Science iPads

Setting up iPads
Creating a shared account for iTunes
Manage purchases via iTunes Education Store
Install apps using Apple Configurator -
Be Prepared
Where do we go from here?
First Year - supporting the teacher
Identifying issues for the students
Determining optimum workflows
Login Issues
Web filtering
Apple TV in your classroom


Allow time to start from scratch with iPads
iPad Meet and Greet
iPad Password Keeper
Sign-out sheet for cart

E-text, i-text, your text, my text!

Digital lab portfolios: When to use
Google docs v. Evernote

Communication platform for changes:
Celly, Canvas, Twitter, etc...

Crime Lab
Cell Cycle
Atoms and Molecules
Nova Elements, Explain Everything, Evernote
MyStopAction or MyCreate with Explain Everything
Live Binder code
Prezi code
Crime Lab Intro Trailer
Student "Mockumentary"
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