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Construction Engineering

No description

Eveelyn Bermudez

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Its a qualified professional who manages and over watches construction projects according to standards of quality, wich are determined by the law.

Description of the Program
Improve my ability mathematics and my operational capacity of performance.
If I had accepted to be on average student, I wouldn't have even thought on this career.
What could you have done to be better prepared for this program?
Abilities needed to study
The best is Universidad Mayor in Santiago.
The nearest and who would like to go is Universidad Católica Del Norte in Antofagasta.

Places where you can work
A pleasure in projecting, making creating and building.
Liking to plan, organize, budget and negotiations to carry out an activity.

The field work for this profession is constituted principally by construction companies, already be of building or of civil works, also in institutions of the public and private sector.
Is English important in this field? Why?
If you didn't speak English you wouldn't obtain you degree.
The influence of the language in the engineer education is positive so that we are in a globalized world where it is likely to present the opportunity to work in conventions with professionals from other countries, knowledge of English is going to be of great help for the communication with foreigners.
If you want to be a civil construction engineer, you will have to be very persistent.
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