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A Whole New World of SmartBoards

No description

Lorissa Crumley

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of A Whole New World of SmartBoards

A New Way of Learning
Promethean ActivTable
Who Gets to Use an ActivTable?
An ActivTable is perfect for use in pre-school, elementary, middle, and high schools. This multi-user interactive table allows up to six learners to simultaneously use individual tools, web browsers, and more!
Teacher Use of Promethean ActivTable
The interactive ActivTable empowers students to lead their own learning, driving engagement, participation, and creativity in the classroom.
Meets Needs of All Levels of Learning
One ActivTable in every classroom will encourage project-based activities where students interact and collaborate, sharing knowledge and working towards a common goal together.
What is it?
Promethean ActivTable
Supports up to six simultaneous students collaborating at one time.
HD LCD 46” Display – features a large, touch-sensitive screen with ample room for collaboration.
Easy-to-use, intuitive tools, activities and software drive learner engagement.
Create tailor-made interactive activities or access 100+ ready-made activities.
Accessibility – Built to accommodate multiple chairs and wheelchairs.
Goals of Promethean ActivTable
ActivTable Technical Information
The technology department at Lumpkin County Schools will provide immediate support for hardware or software issues.
Online support is provided through the Promethean World website.
A searchable knowledgebase as well as online lesson acitivities and resources are also available at the Promethean World website.
Technical Support
Vision of Technology in
Lumpkin County Schools
At the center of effective use of instructional technology is the teacher.
Lumpkin County Schools is committed to the concept that technology professional development for teachers will ultimately impact the achievement of students.
Technology is the link for Lumpkin County students to students across the world and provides the sophisticated level of connectivity required to transmit administrative data.
The goal of technology in Lumpkin County is to secure the hardware/software and develop the human resources required to make every student a successful productive citizen of the information age.
ActivTable by Promethean supports the Lumpkin County technology by allowing an engaged learning experience & by meeting the diverse needs of all students.
Promethean ActivTable is a great resource for teachers to efficiently put together activities & lessons to allow students to be in control of their learning as individuals & in group settings.
By using an ActivTable, students are able to dive deeper into the content of the activities to gain a better understanding of the material & to essentially differentiate their own learning.
How Does an ActivTable
Support Lumpkin County School's Technology Vision?
Foster the development of communication, collaboration and group-led decision-making skills.
Promote inclusion for all, including children with special needs. ActivTable's interface and activities facilitate peer learning and allow for differentiation, and this multi-touch table is wheelchair accessible.
Divide the class into groups and use the ActivTable as a learning center for targeted small group instruction and peer-to-peer learning.
Four USB-A ports
One 3.5mm mic in socket
Four 3.5 mm stereo headphone sockets
One Ethernet port and WiFi
Works With
ActivBoard, ActivInspire and ActiView
Activity Builder is a free web-based application and requires Google Chrome version 30.x or above.
Operating System
The ActivTable does not require a computer.
ActivTable Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Embedded
Promethean recommends a Certified Promethean Installer install the ActivTable.
Costs of Technology
Web-based activity builder for lessons & activities is FREE!
No computers needed for use with ActivTable, so costs could be minimized by not purchasing multiple computers for each classroom.
Groups of teachers such as grade levels (elementary), teams (MS), or departments (HS) could potentially share 1-2 ActivTables to minimize initial costs until funding is increased
Cost of ActivTable: $8,000
Technology-Grants available for schools
School Fundraisers
School-wide foundations to raise money
Teachers may create a proposal for donations at DonorsChoose.org
How can a teacher use an ActivTable in the classroom?
ActivTables-changing the
way we teach . . .
Funding Opportunities
How to Use an ActivTable in the Classroom
Educational Activities
Build your own activities using the ActivTable Activity Builder, a free web-based application, or access over 100 activities available in the ActivTable Activity Store

Tool Library –
Offers a variety of intuitive tools, including keyboards, musical instruments, math tools and web browsers, all customizable for each activity.
Activity Reporting and
Tracking Tools –
Access to view each student’s work, time on task, collaboration tools used and more.
Integration with ActivInspire –
Ability to use ActivInspire flipcharts with multi-touch capability.
I first saw an ActivTable in action while on a Disney Cruise-the Oceaneer Kids Club has several for children to use while spending time in the club.
The ActivTable would be an excellent addition to any classroom-no matter the age level or skill level.
I plan to introduce my school system to the ActivTable technology, hopefully to begin integration at the elementary level soon.
ActivTable - Multi touch interactive surface for schools Promethean. (n.d.). <i>ActivTable - Multi touch interactive surface for schools - Promethean</i>. Retrieved July 11, 2014, from http://www.prometheanworld.com/us/english/education/products/interactive-table/activtable/#
A New Way of Learning
Lorissa E. Crumley
ITEC 7445
Emerging Technology Project
July 14, 2014
Promethean ActivTable
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