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Enginerds Robots and Stuffs

No description

Darin Gray

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of Enginerds Robots and Stuffs

The Enginerds Wk. III

Isaac, James, Tad, Sydney and Aydan
The Scribbler is a programmable robot. It can be programmed through the S2 GUI software. It has three light sensors, a line sensor and an infrared sensor. It has a light-seeking, object detection, object avoidance, line drawing and line following capabilities.
The Scribbler
Through symbols and shapes we tell the scribbler exactly what to do in when certain conditions are fullfilled.
The S2 GUI Software
The Program
Simple Yet
The Vex IQ
The Vex IQ is arguably the most efficient robot concerning construction and programming. These new robots use a simple drag and drop system to program and a LEGO like construction kit to allow for easy assembly and programming.
The Vex IQ experiences some technical difficulties in the early stage of programming
Successes and Failures of the Vex IQ
Successfully navigated the Demo course to the injured person to the water
Inability to track sharp lines was not an issue.
Programming worked exactly as it should have.
Initial failure included inability to make sharp turns.
Successes and Failures The Scribbler
-Worked once
-Managed to
find the brick
-Has simple
-Didn't follow the iRobot because can't differentiate between objects and was a lot slower
Overall Process
Our process consisted of each team member choosing a robot, and building and programming it to its specified task. We would then put it all together to simulate the autonomous rescue of an injured human in an unstable building.
Cassandra Mk. II
Hopefully a future transition our species can make
Improving our Project in the Future
Keeping each other up-to-date on each others work
Planning out our ideas before we start building
Use guides provided
Constantly test
Lessons Lived
We need to help each other once we have finished our own part of the project.
Finish faster to give time for us all to test together.
Don't waste time,
What the Vex IQ drag-drop program looks like
This is a Video
Starting our Project Differently
Better planning for combining our robots functions.
Keeping tabs on each other's progress.
Start the Prezi at the beginning of the week.
The iRobot
The iRobot is a small circular robot designed after the Rumba vacuum cleaner. In this project, it's job was to carry the scribbler to the injured person, and then lead it out.
Example Irobot creation
Programming the Irobot
Programing the Irobot was ridiculously hard. There were many hours put into the program just to make it run on the robot. After hours and hours of what felt like useless work, and some help from Carl, We got the program to work.
Some successes and failures with the iRobot
The robot was already built.
It worked despite almost no tests.
Made me love every other robot intensely more.
It was terrible to program.
It did not work 90% of the time.
It did not explode as intended.
I would never trust it to save my life... EVER!
The batteries died all the time.
Made my hair turn grey.
Was extremely temperamental.
Is the reason for all human sin.
The Vex
The idea
Took apart original robot from bridge project
Tried a variety of designs
Final idea was to program the bot to push the brick
Easy C programming was used
Car Portion
Pushing arm

The Redbot
lead uninjured people out of building

follow a predetermined line out of building, circumventing obstructions along the way
Successes and failures with the Redbot
The line following function worked well
The bot made it out
The obstacle aviodance program worked about 50% of the time
The program was overly complicated, and the robots movement was awkward
This is a video
Vex Robot - Sydney
Clears rubble
RedBot - Tad
Leads uninjured personnel to the exit
iRobot - Isaac
Carries the scribbler and finds injured people.
Scribbler - James
Follows the iRobot back to the exit and draws a line for the Vex IQ to follow
Vex IQ - Aydan
Follows the line created and send water to the injured person
Our Robots/Roles

Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong
Eventually, the only thing that killed it was a problem with weight distribution, which had been overlooked while everything else was being terrible
Successes and failures
not applicable
Special thanks to Carl for help with the Irobot
Fields we Studied
Robotics Engineering
Robotics is the branch of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science, and application of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing.
We applied this field by building five robots that were programmed to accomplish several tasks autonomously.
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