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Research Question

No description

Leoné Jonkergouw

on 19 July 2015

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Transcript of Research Question

OB & AWS Paper
Leone Jonkergouw
Problem statement
Research Questions
To what extent does organizational climate influence sexual harassment and how does sex/ethnicity influence this relationship, and to what extent does sexual harassment influence job satisfaction and team cohesion
Conceptual Model
Sexual harassment significantly diminishes overall job satisfaction. Lapierre, Spector, and Leck (2005)
Sexual harassment (SH) has been identified to be one of the biggest and most damaging barriers to job satisfaction of women. Fitzgerald , 1988
There has been a variance in outcomes regarding the influence of Organizational climate on SH and can explain inconsistency in other research. Willness, Steel and Lee 2007
There is not a lot of understanding in regards of SH on a team level (Team cohesion) yet. Raver & Gelfand 2006
Limited attention has been paid to the moderating role of sex and ethnicity. Bergman & Henning, 2008
The influence of sexual harassment at work
What is organizational climate and how can it be measured
What is sexual harassment(SH) and how can it be measured?
What is job satisfaction and how can it be measured?
What is team cohesion and how can it be measured?
What is sex/ethnicity and how can it be measured?
To what extent is organizational climate related to sexual harassment?
To what extent is organizational climate and sexual harassment influenced by sex/ethnicity?
To what extent is sexual harassment related to job satisfaction?
To what extent is sexual harassment related to team cohesion?
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