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The Elements of News: Timeliness, Proximity, Prominence, con

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on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of The Elements of News: Timeliness, Proximity, Prominence, con

The Elements of News: Timeliness, Proximity, Prominence, consequence, Human Interest, Conflict
Key Terms Examples
- Timeliness: A newspaper that makes a story about football in November rather than June.
- Proximity: A minor dropout problem in our school is more important than a major problem in a school 500 miles away.
- Prominence: The star quarterback flunks a math exam and is ineligible for the big game.
- Consequence: The effect on construction plans for a new school in your town if steel or railroad workers are on strike.
- Conflict: Former husbands and wives fighting over who will win custody of their children.
Primary Resources
- The picture on page 63: The caption for the picture on p. 63 says "A story about the homecoming parade is timely if its published near the time the parade occurs- not two months later."
-The picture on page 66: This is a picture of a little boy and a cat. The caption says "Animals or children are usually good topics for human interest stories. Photos can draw reader's attention to the page."
Summary/ Key Terms
There are twelve elements of news.
- Timeliness: News about a recent story.
- Proximity: News about places near your publication.
- Prominence: News about a widely known person.
- Consequence: News about the result of something someone has done.
- Human Interest: News that causes people to have emotion.
- Conflict: News about problems that give the reader tension and suspense.
- Other Factors: Money, disaster, novelty, oddity, drama, etc.
Most Important
The most important part of this section is knowing each element of news to make your own news and journalism skills better. This section shows examples of each element as well, to help you understand each element.
There are no key people, laws, court cases, publications media, or historical information in our section.
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