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HOOT by Carl Hiaasen

No description

Nicholas Fusco

on 23 August 2011

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Transcript of HOOT by Carl Hiaasen

HOOT by Carl Hiaasen Presentation by Nick Fusco Carl Hiaasen was born and raised in Florida. He graduated from the University of Florida and worked for the Miami Herold as a reporter. Carl currently resides in Florida with his family, still writing books. Hiaasen has received many honors, including the Damon Runyon Award from the Denver Press Club and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. Hiaasen also won A Newbury for Hoot.

Short interview with Carl Hiaasen-

Reporter: Can you tell us some of your books?
Hiaasen: Island Star will be coming out May 2012, Downhill Lie, Scat, Flush, and Nature Girl. • Roy Eberhardt is a boy who just moved to Florida and was being beaten by a bully named Dana Matherson.
• One day while Dana was shoving Roy’s face into the window, Roy noticed a boy running away from the school bus.
• It turns out his name was Mullet Fingers running away from home.
• Mother Paula's All-American Pancake House Corporation plans to build a pancake restaurant in town.
• Bulldozers were set to destroy an old building where Paula’s intends to be.
• But the work is delayed daily because of unknown, yet effective acts of destruction that occur in the night.
• Roy found out Mullet was the one who sabotaged the demolition.
• Mullet Finger’s reason was to save endangered owls that are protected by the law.
• Roy and Mullet took digital pictures of the owls and showed it to the class in a current events project.
• They showed how the construction will kill the owls.
• The students banded together and marched to save the endangered birds.
• The kids were able to stop the Pancake House from their construction and exposed their illegal acts against the owls.
• Roy found out that Mullet Fingers real name is Napoleon. I enjoyed reading Hoot by Carl Hiaasen over the summer. I liked the book because it showed how even kids can come together for a big reason. I believe anyone who likes to read about a little bit of adventure and a story with such a great ending should read this book. The author included a lot of details and information about every event and character. For example, when Hiaasen described Dana Matherson, a bully, as a mean individual who was easily fooled to help his enemies (Roy and Mullet). After I finished Hoot, I was happy knowing that the kids in the town saved the owls that would have been killed. This book was very realistic, because it showed the emotions of the children that wanted to save the owls. Overall, I would definitely recommend Hoot to a friend. http://www.carlhiaasen.com/index.shtml The author, Carl Hiaasen Endangered owls
that were saved “Environmental Impact Statement.”
“Right! Of course,” the reporter said. “Every big construction project is suppose to do one. That’s the law.”
“Yeah, but Mother Paula’s E.I.S. isn’t in there.”
“You’re losing me, Roy.”
“It’s supposed to be in that file,” he said, “but it’s not. That means the company never did one – or they lost it on purpose.”

This passage in the story is my favorite, because it is the part where Roy figures out that Mother Paula's never did the paper work or signed the proper documents for the environment to construct on their building. Document Roy and Mullet HOOT http://images.allmoviephoto.com/2006_Hoot/2006_hoot_007.jpg
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