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No description

jayla ontiveros

on 9 August 2015

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Transcript of 8.03

Ming emperors disallowed foreign trade.
Chinese citizens who made goods for trade lost income.
Ming emperors desire to show the greatness of their rule and to collect tribute.
The Chinese textiles and worked metals were not as well made as those of the the Europeans’ so payments had to be modified.
Chinese require payment in gold and silver.
Ming leaders ban ships with more than two masts. There will be no further construction of ships.
The Chinese preferred to keep to themselves then having contact with other countries. Then the Portuguese did a type of trading post during the Ming dynasty. Chinese trading did eventually happen within the imperial officials guidelines.
The Chinese keep close control over contact with Europeans.
What can modern nations learn from the Ming Dynasty?

Leaders of countries may come and go so staying true to your own country's beliefs and traditions are important. Keep an open mind about trade of local commodities by water or land. Keeping trade open with other countries will allow for a better overall economy. Always have farming available and prospering. Do not forget the foundations of the nations entities includes things such as literature, paintings, religous beliefs, philosophy, and merchants supplies.
jayla ontiveros
it created a less successful country
the foreigners had to go away because the
emperor had control over the trading season.
trading was only a seasonally thing.
the chinese power got weak
the chinese became greedy and what ever
they had they always wanted more
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