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The Crucible Act 1 & Act 2

No description

Javanna Bell

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of The Crucible Act 1 & Act 2

In the Crucible Act 1 an example of irony would be when Hale says " Why, it is all simple. Ive come to do the Devils work. I come to council Christians they should believe themselves ( his sarcasms collapses.) There is blood on my head Can you not see the blood on my head. In the Crucible Act 2 Reverend Hale pays a visit to the proctors farm. Since he is new in town, he has been visiting the homes of the townspeople in order to test the christian character of the house. As the audience we know what Hale does not which is John has previously broken this commandment with Abigal.This qualifies as being dramatic irony.
The Crucible Act 1 & Act 2
The foreshadow for act 1 is the bitterness and hatred that Abigail express to Elizabeth. She called Elizabeth a gossiping lair , cold hateful and lying cold sniveling. Such interest hatred does not go away The foreshadow in Act 2 is
In Act 2 the personification was when John proctor say "ill tell you what's walking in Salem - vengeance is walking in salem." Proctor personifies vengeance by making it walk.
The Imagery in Act one is when Parris is kneeling beside the bed praying.The imagey in Act two is
The protagonist in Act one is John Proctor. The protangonist in Act two is John Proctor. In act 2 it was really shown
The mood in the Crucible Act 1 is full of fear and suspicions. In the story we were introduced to a world in which sin is condemned and often punished by death. The mood in The Crucible Act 2 was full of confusion and hazardous judging. In the story people were called witches simply because they can get something out of it and others are because they want to protect themselves.
In both acts one and two the main antagonist is Abigail .
The tone in The Crucuble Act 1 is suspion and hysteria because everyone was wondering what the girls were doing in the wood. The tone in Act 2 is Contempt.
In the Crucible Act one the metaphor is when Abigail stating " I will not have it said my name is soiled" the significance of this quote is that Abigail is angry because Elizabeth thinks she is having a affair with her husband.
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