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Agatha Christie: Her Life and Works

In this project, Team 2 will explain different aspects of Agatha Christie's life.

Lea Smith

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Agatha Christie: Her Life and Works

Her Life and Works Agatha Christie How she became a playwright. Made a bet with sister that she could prove her theory wrong.
"It was impossible to write a murder mystery novel, in which the reader will not figure out who the murderer is."
Wrote many stories, yet, they were not successful.
Developed character Hercule Poirot as a nurse during WWI.
Thus, 'The Mysterious Affair at Styles' was born. "Death on the Nile." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 19 Sept. 2012. Web. 24 Sept. 2012. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_on_the_Nile>. Agatha Christie ties her art within her life as she was dismissed as a prolific hack without literary merit. She is a serious artist and modernist, and uses her skills to tie in life with her art skills. In her past and also in the present, she and her female detectives continue to be attacked, ignored, or depreciated by critics. A close reading of Christie's autobiography shows that Christie grew up in a supportive matriarchy where, shaped by proto-feminist game play and fantasy, she developed a woman-centered perspective reflected in her lifelong maintenance of female support networks and her egalitarian view of courtship, marriage, motherhood, and career. Agatha Christie Skills How were Agatha Christie's works received in her time? Agatha Christie sold over 200 billion books
She was so popular that she was in the Guinness
book of World Records
Agatha Christie's Mystery novels interested people the most
Her works were published in over 70 countries
Agatha Christie's works were so popular that they were translated in more than 50 languages Positive Feeback for Agatha.
. The renowned New York Times book Review, back in February of 1938, recorded Mrs. Christie's new novel to have great expectations from potential readers.
.A notable review came from E.R. Punshon of The Guardian, which dates back to November 11th, 1937, stating that, "To decide whether a writer of fiction possesses the true novelist's gift is often a good plan to consider whether the minor characters in his or her book, those to whose creation the author has probably given little thought, standout in the narrative in their own right as living personalities. This test is one Mrs. Christie always passes successfully, and never more so than in her new book." Plot
letters, calls, or foreshadowing beofre or after a victim's disappearance
Death Murder on the Nile and its relation to the rest of Christie's canon. Characters
Poirot: detective (Canon Pennefather)
Louise: the witness Emotions
Suspense Suspense •Canon Pennefather explains to Jackie who is behind the murders. Act III.
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