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College $$

No description

Jax Holzem

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of College $$

Should colleg e students get paid?
Intro: Should College Athletes Get Paid for Playing
Even though college athletes are playing and working just like professional athletes, they don't get paid like professional athletes do, they don't get paid at all.
College Athletes Play for TV Without Pay
Those against college players getting paid might say:
they haven't made it pro yet so why pay them like they have.
they're just in college, why waste the money on them.
NCAA pretty much owns them so they don't have to pay them if they don't want to.
Merchandise is always something that the fans enjoy and but the players don't get any profit for the use of there name, they don't even have any say in whether they wan't there name to be used or not.
College Sports video games. Still no pay?
NCAA started to make college football games as a way to bring in money from the group of people who play but this operation got shut down because of the complaints questioning why the players weren't getting paid.
By Jax Holzem
An article called Should college players get paid? on KQEDeducation.com it said that college basketball alone brings in over 1 billion dollars a year to the tv networks yet these players don't get a cent of the profit they brought in for these broadcast networks.
Merchandise is made with there name without pay.
Counterargument 2
Even though they arent pro players yet just because they are still in college doesn't mean they cant get back what they put in and since NCAA owns them, why cant they share the 1.8 billion dollars that the college athletes earned for them?
College players don't get get paid at all and if something doesn't happen, they probably never will. We should pay them because if it weren't for them, no one involved in college sports profits would be getting paid
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