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Middle Ages Sports


fred wardo

on 4 March 2010

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Transcript of Middle Ages Sports

Middle Ages Sports 15 to 60 year olds were required to know archery The hammer throwing field area was 90 degrees King Henry VIII throwing a sludge hammer is how they came up with the hammer throw The distance they could throw was about 130 to 140 feet King Henry vIII throwing the sludge hammer Men and women could both play stoolball The hammers weight was sixteen pounds and it was 3 feet long They played for tansy cakes which were common foood for them The batter stays at bat until he hits it or the pitcher hits the plate behind him There are no fouls or foul tips Stool ball field The shinty ball and bat Knowing archery also helped in battles to dominate They played for prizes if they got it the closest to the bull eye They used swords, lances, daggers and joust sticks Many men were killed at theses tournaments They played for prizes like the persons horse they got all his weapons to if the loser was kiled Typical middle ages bow www.middleages.org slumberland.org www.hammerthrow.com By Matthew Barber
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