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Visar Haxhifazliu

Visar Haxhifazliu

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of Prezume

studying Software Design

(3rd year)
at the University of Prizren "Ukshin Hoti", Faculty of Computer Sciences, in Prizren, Republic of Kosovo (October 2010 - November 2013) Grade: 7.9
Some of my Activities
Won a full scholarship Political Academy – for Progressive Youth 2013
Participated at the training course
Business Start-up
organized by Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. where, students who finished the course can successfully apply for a start-up grant.
Degree on
Leadership and Community Youth Work

(Level 2, two-year program 60 ECTS).
Next Generation Digital Innovation Scholarship
for 2012/13
Hi, my name is:
Visar Haxhifazliu

Organizational & Social skills:
-Ability to manage emergent situations;
-Ability to manage, moderate/facilitate and lead groups, teams and organizations;
-Ability to work in a team and take initiatives;
-Ability to fit in a serious working environment;
Albanian (native tongue);
English (Professional proficiency);
Turkish (Professional proficiency);
Serbian (basic);
Italian (basic).
Technical skills:
-Capability to deliver trainings/presentations;
-Capability to write marketing and business plans;
-Capability to work in team and take initiatives;
-Capability to manage, moderate/facilitate and lead groups, teams and organizations;
-Capability to report, in written and oral form;
-Capability to organize and manage digital information
- Working with people from all over the world helped me learn about different skills like communications, respecting, helping, division of tasks and sharing.
Those were some of the activities that I was engaged in recently. A famous quotes says...
Southampton, U.K.
"A picture is worth a thousand words"
That was mentioned also on my first meeting (seeing) the presentation with
at the
Europe 3D Hungary
organized by ESTIEM, on Oct 2011...

I've presented and won the grant of USAID Young Entrepreneurs Program. Implemented by Education Development Center, Inc.
Presentation was done using
Digital BootCamp
@ UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo
ACLI Institute for Peace Development and Innovation – IPSIA

Main activities and responsibilities:
- Assisting with preparation of the budget;
- Implementing financial policies and procedures;
- Reconciling the general ledger;
- Preparing and reconciling general bank statements;
- Ensuring data is entered into the system;
- Ensuring transactions are properly recorded and entered into the computerized;
- Accounting system;
- Preparing income statements;
- Preparing balance sheets;
- Assisting with the annual audit;
- Maintaining financial files and records;
- Assisting with preparation and conducting trainings, researches and other activities foreseen by project;
- Organizing and conducting trainings;
- Translating;
- Reporting.
Non-Governmental Organization Thy

Main activities and responsibilities:
- Managing the organization
- Managing staff,
- Raising funds,
- Maintaining relations with the donors and the community
The world is in its fast pace, full of competitions and challenges, and in order to meet with the tough requirements of real world, you need to be qualified, fully trained and vigilant in making a decision. The first priority of every citizen should be to serve his country in the best possible way. Being in a technical field this responsibility motivates me to make my country sound in technology. For this I should be equipped with sound knowledge of my field. So I have decided to apply for the Prezi Ambassador, through this I think that I can acquire a broad knowledge that I can really use in my later business, and also in my everyday life. Being a Prezi Ambassador and sharing the wisdom of the mentors together with people from different countries from all over the World will offer me the unique chance to discover the life and fascination of one or more nations by taking the perspective of its inhabitants.

I am a third-year student at University of Prizren "Ukshin Hoti", Faculty of Computer Sciences.
After my first contact with Prezi, my immediate goal was that I would like to share this spirit to my colleagues and other youngsters in our University, further I can organize workshops about effective presentations, promote and inspire Prezifying their future presentations.

I was very delighted to find the opportunity to spend a year learning with mentors from Prezi which will serve as a role model of creativity and independent thinking.

For these reasons, I would appreciate if you would give me the chance to be part of this initiative.
Thank you for your time to consider my request, and I am looking forward to your answer.

Yours Faithfully,
Visar Haxhifazliu
Thank you for your time.
My Prezumé
Working Experience.
Administration Officer
(July 2009 - Present)
Executive Director
(January 2012 - Present)
I was born in Republic of Kosovo,
7th of June, 1987
in the city
of Prizren
March 2013
Oct - Nov 2012
September 2012
July 2012
Game Presentation
Youth in Action Training
@Bogë, Peja Kosovo
Afterwards I've always

Speech at
the conference
"5 Years a Country,
Youth of Prizren
and Multi-ethnic
Preparing presentation
Leadership and
Community Youth Work
@Network Meeting

AEGEE Tirana, Albania
other experiences...
Young Leaders
Young Leaders
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