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Clothing on the Goldfields

No description

Gabby Montalbo

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Clothing on the Goldfields

Clothing on the Goldfields
Many people wore different type of clothes during the Gold Rush. Different people wore different styles of clothes depending on their ethnicity, such as the Chinese who wore traditional clothes. If you were to compare the fashion from the 1850s to our current fashion, there would be a big change and difference over the past 6 decades from the time of the Gold Rush. Through the years, Australia has been such a thriving country, encouraging immigrants from other countries to join in with the fun and laughter our beautiful land has for all of us.
Were clothes important in the time of the Gold Rush?
To women, clothing was a sign of wealth if you were seen wearing a pretty piece of fashion, such as a dress. Women were very strict when it came to looking elegant,
What men wore
What women wore
Women usually wore layers and layers of clothes under their long dresses. Many women made sure they looked fabulous and rich. They were certain that would wear every single part of the dress because every part counted, even if it wasn't necessary.
Men, who were usually miners on the goldfields, wore loose-fitting clothes that were comfortable for them. They wore long pants or trousers which were held up with a rope, belt or braces.
Men also wore wide brimmed hats while they were out in the heat to protect them from the sun. They wore tended to wear long sleeved shirts, but when the sun was unbearable, they wouldn't wear their shirts at all.
so clothes were important in the time of the Gold Rush for them.
Layers of a Woman's Dress
In order for women to look very fabulous back then, they would have to wear many layers. First they would wear a chemise to cover their upper body. Then they would wear a corset, which made their waist look skinner than usual, so that they looked more posh. The next thing that women wore was a crinoline, which kept their dress nice and big. On top of that, they would wear a petticoat to cover the bumps from the crinoline and also to put extra fullness into the
dress. And last but not least, the dress, which goes on top of ALL of them.
What troopers wore
In the time of the Gold Rush, troopers were like police. They kept law
and order on the
goldfields, such as catching miners who didn't have a license. Troopers wore red shirts which had silver buttons and badges. Their pants were either navy blue,
black or red and they

something similar to a
top hat.
What boys wore
On the goldfields, most boys actually wore belted tunics,
which made them look like girls. From the age of 4 - 5, they would wear long shorts (knickerbockers). They would wear a loose tie (neckerchief) and a jacket and shirt. They would also wear wear a peaked cap. Some of the wealthier
families had boys that wore tailored suits and short jackets.
What girls wore
Girls usually wore dresses the same as their mother's
or sister's material.
These dresses weren't as long as the dresses they wore when they were older. They often wore pinafores to protect their dresses in the cooler weather. They sometimes wore a day cap
and their hair was split into two and was neatly plaited. Wealthier girls
could afford to have ribbons in their hair and more elegant dresses,
compared to the poorer ones.
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