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9 Circles of Hell: Dante's Inferno

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Grace Rigsbee

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of 9 Circles of Hell: Dante's Inferno

First Circle (Limbo)
The people put in this level of Hell are non-Christians or not baptized
Their punishment includes spending eternity in an inferior form of Heaven.
Dante included people such as Homer, Socrates, and Aristotle.
I would include the celebrity Ani DiFranco.

Second Circle: Lust
People who are overcome by lust are placed in this level of Hell.
Their punishment is being blown violently back and fourth by winds; unable to find peace.
Dante included Cleopatra, Tristan, Helen of Troy, and others who committed adultery in their lifetime.
I would include Bill Clinton.
Third Circle: Gluttony
Dante places souls who have habitual greed or excess in eating.
They are forced to lie in a vile slush that is produced by never ending icy rain.
In this circle of Hell Dante places Ciacco.
I would place Winnie the Pooh in this circle of Hell.
Fifth Circle (Anger)
Dante places people who were wrathful and sullen in this circle of Hell.
The punishment for the wrathful is fighting each other on the surface of the river while the sullen gurgle beneath the surface of the water.
Dante places Filippo Argenti in this circle of hell.
I would place Eminem in this circle of Hell.
Sixth Circle (Heresy)
Dante places people in this level of Hell for their belief or opinion contrary to what he thinks.
The people in this level of Hell are put in flaming tombs for eternity.
Dante places Farinata degli Uberti and Cavalcante de’ Cavalcanti in this level of Hell.
I would put Angelina Jolie in this circle of Hell.
Fourth Circle (Greed)
People are put in this category for greed, either they hoarded possessions or lavishly spent.
The punishment these sinners face is pushing a great weight with their chests.
Dante included cardinals and popes in this circle of Hell.
I would place Marcus Licinius Crassus in this circle.
9 Circles of Hell:
Dante's Inferno

Seventh Circle: Violence
Middle Ring:
This ring is filled with those who committed suicide. Their punishment is being turned into trees and bushes and fed upon by harpies. He also sees here profligates in this ring who are chased and torn to pieces by dogs. I would place Chris Acland in this ring.

Inner Ring:
This ring contains blasphemers and sodomites. Their punishment is staying in a desert of burning sand and burning rain falling from the sky. I would place Anderson Cooper in this ring.

Outer Ring:
This ring possesses murderers and those who were violent to other people and property. Their punishment is being sunk into a river of boiling blood and fire. Dante included Dionysius I of Syracuse in this circle of Hell, and I would include Adolf Hitler.
Eighth Circle: Fraud
This circle is filled with those who have committed fraud. This circle of Hell is divided into 10 Bolgias or stony ditches with bridges between them.
I would place Joe and Teresa Giudice in this level of Hell.
Ninth Circle: Treachery
This Circle of Hell is divided into 4 Rounds according to the degree of the sin. Round 1 is named after Cain who killed his brother Abel, Round 2 is named after Anthenor of Troy, Round 3 is after Ptolemy (son of Abubus), and Round 4 is named after Judas Iscariot, the apostle who betrayed Jesus with a kiss.
Everyone in this level are frozen in an icy lake, but the more severe the sin, the deeper the person in placed in the ice.
Brutus and Cassius are placed by Dante in this circle.
I would put OJ Simpson in this level of Hell,
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