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Apple's Black Hole

No description

Brenda Maciel-Ramirez

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Apple's Black Hole

Black Hole

Technology has been improving slowly but greatly over the past years. Apple has gone from the 2001 iPod, to the 2013 iPhone 5c.
This is only the beginning.
Apple has become one of the best marketing companies in technology. It will only get better for Apple in the years to come. They already even have concepts for future technology that they want to put on market.
Designer Josselin Zaïgouche
has already thought about a
new product she wants Apple to sell. This product is called, The Black Hole.
The black hole consists of three different components.
1. The charging base
2. The prism
3. The black hole/ball
The black hole is just a small device that uses holographic effects instead of the modern touch screen.
The device itself is called the prism. It fits perfectly into the palm of the hand.
The charging base is used as a charger, and it also can be used so the black hole can function the same way in the form of a desktop.
The black ball itself is placed in the center and levitates when one places their hand over the device.
The device uses holographic projection for the user to click on apps in mid-air.

I believe this would be the cutting edge technology because nothing at the moment is as spectacular as this concept. This phone definitely shows what phones of the future will become eventually. The projected year is 2020 and with the way technology is progressing, that sounds about right if not a little too late.

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