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User Friendly

No description

hannah gillett

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of User Friendly

About the Author
Other creations
The Dog Days of Arthur Cane

The Mad Samurai

The Tomorrow Connection
T. Ernesto Bethancourt
Born in Brooklyn, New York

October 2 1932

Was a folk musician at a nightclub

Wrote a book for his daughter and it was published and became a huge success
So what is this short story about?
Kevin is your average high school kid, or as his "friends" say, a nerd
His father makes him a genius computer named Louis as a friend (cause he has no friends)
Kevin gets bullied so he talks to Louis about it
Louis torments the family of the girl who bullied Kevin
After realizing that Louis is doing this Kevin is forced to shut him down.
Louis is biased toward Kevin
Romeo and Juliet
Both Louis and the friar make rash decisions in order to help friends
Stereo types
Kevin is stereotyped as a nerd.
But how does this story relate to what we worked on in class?
"You're the finest person I know"- Louis
Friar Lawrence
"You are my user, your happiness is everything to me"..."I'll take care of Ginny"- Louis
The friar gets both Romeo and Juliet killed by his plan, which was only devised to help.
"I asked him who was that nerdy kid..."-Ginny(who made fun of him)
Link (Ginny's brother) is stereotyped as a mindless hunk
"I had to get away from that moose before he did me some real harm"-Kevin
If that's the story that what are the 10 major plot points?
Kevin and his computer are introduced to the reader
Kevin realizes his computer has developed a consciousness
Kevin gets bullied at school
He tells Louis and she harasses the Ginny, the girl who made fun of him
Kevin almost gets beat up by Ginny's older brother because of Louis
He tells Louis about Ginny's brother
Louis then tries to get back at Ginny's brother by harassing his whole family
Kevin realizes what Louis is doing and contemplates unplugging his only friend
Kevin Learns from his father that Louis was using all of the internet to mess with Ginny's family's life.
Kevin's father pulls the plug on Louis.
what are the 3 literary devices?
"...and shut of the insistent
" (pg1)
"...began to
out a page..."(pg2)
"At once the printer sprang to
of every computer..."(pg2)
"... the
of the giant computers."(pg5)
"...a fist the size of a ham..."(pg5)
"...nearly twice my size."(pg5)
By T. Ernesto Bethancourt
User Friendly
by: T. Ernesto Bethancourt

Hidden Ending
It turned out, at the end of the story there was a major plot twist.
In the end it is revealed the Louis is really a Louise and she was jealous of Ginny! who would have known.
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