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The Last Song

No description

Becky J

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of The Last Song

When Ronnie gets home from the festival, she sees her dad's piano. She becomes angry, and demands him to board it up so that she doesn't have to see it. A couple days later, Ronnie discovers a loggerhead turtle nest. Her father informs her that they are an endangered species and that he will call the aquarium. She decides to camp out by the nest for the night, so that the racoons won't get the turtles. The next morning, Ronnie's dad makes her breakfast, and they talk a little bit. Ronnie is angry with her father, because in the past he chose his job over his family.
Ronnie is invited to Will's sisters wedding. It was going well, until Marcus crashes the wedding, exploited all of Ronnie's past circumstances with the law. Marcus Trashes the wedding. Ronnie flees for fear of Will's family hating her. A few days later, Will comes over to Ronnie's house, to squash out Ronnie's thoughts about his family hating her. The two kiss and make up, but Will has upsetting news to tell Ronnie. He is leaving for Vanderbilt University at the end of the Summer, right before Ronnie leaves for her home in New York.
Ronnie Miller is in her car with her mom and brother Jonnah. They are on their way to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina to spend the Summer with Ronnie's father, Steve. Her little brother is excited to see his dad, while Ronnie is angry at her divorced mother for making her do this. When Ronnie and Jonnah get to the house, their dad suggests that they should go to the boardwalk for a small festival. Ronnie reluctatnly goes along with Jonnah and her father.
While Ronnie is at the festival, she goes off on her own, and stumbles upon a volleyball game. She watches it for a little bit, and notices one of the volleyball players is really cute, but she just pushes that thought aside, because they were so different. But, during the game, the cute boy bumps into her accidentally spilling her soda on her shirt. Ronnie decides to go buy a new shirt from one of the stands, and while doing so, she meets Blaze, a gothic looking kind of girl, the two chat for a bit. Blaze later takes Ronnie to a harmless fireball show where Blaze's boyfriend,Marcus tries to make a quick buck. Later after the show, Marcus tries to hit on Ronnie, but she rejects him, causing MArcus to get angry
Steve tells Ronnie and Jonnah about his stomach cancer, and Ronnie refuses to go home with her mom. Her mom lets her stay in North Carolina until Christmas. Ronnie then begins to write a song on the piano her dad boarded up. Ronnie plays the song on the piano for him. In September, Ronnie's dad passes away. Will leaves for college, Marcus ends up going to jail for theft, and Blaze moves out of North Carolina to attend beauty school, and Ronnie returns to New York
Two months pass and it's August. Will and Ronnie have been together for the whole Summer. Ronnie and her dad are getting along, and Ronnie has changed a lot since she first got to Wrightsville Beach. The loggerhead turtle nest hatched. Ronnie felt bad about ignoring her dad and treating him badly, because she knew he didn't mean to hurt her. We learn more about Steve, and how he has been hiding his disease from his kids for the whole Summer.
When Ronnie comes back to New York, she decides to attend Julliard, and continue to play the piano. Ronnie also gets a job and tries to build her own life, and forget about the past Summer.
Ronnie goes to her audition for Julliard, when she is surprised to find Will waiting for her. He tells her that he is transferring to Columbia university, which isn't that far from where Ronnie lives, just to be closer to her. They kiss, and resume their relationship.
The Last Song
Pg. 390
By: Nicholas Sparks
Rising Action:

Steve lets Ronnie vent at him, and he doesn't fight back, knowing what Ronnie said about him is true. But no matter what, he still loves Ronnie. Ronnie goes to the aquarium, and finds out the boy from the volleyball game is a volunteer there. His name is Will Blaklee. Though Ronnie gives Will the cold shoulder at first, she slowly come to like Will, and Will has the same feelings for Ronnie.
Falling Action:
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