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Cosan: Thinking Outside the Barrel

No description

Maya Pollock

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Cosan: Thinking Outside the Barrel

Cosan Has Existing Competencies that Allow Global Expansion
- External Market?
- Feasible?
- Worthwhile Returns?
- Best Use of Capital?
- Best Interest of Brazil?
Importance Value Criteria

Cosan: Thinking Outside the Barrel

Global Expansion is the Answer for
Cosan’s Future Advancement
Strategy for Global Expansion
Any Questions?

-Competency/Importance Value Analysis
-Key Decision Recommendations
-Strategy for Global Expansion
Purchasing Pipeline Access to Gain Ethanol Mobility
Acquiring Smaller Ethanol Producers Will Allow More Efficient Operations
Continuing Original Strategy for Congeneration
Cosan Has No Prior Experience That Would Indicate Success in Retail

- Requires an initial investment of $1 Billion

- Pipeline only connects plants to Santos port in São Paolo

- Forced to use less cost-efficient vessels due to depth of
São Paulo port
Phase II: Raisin' Cane in the Caribbean
In Conclusion,
Construct Dehydration Facilities in CBI / CAFTA Countries
Phase I: Initial Global Expansion
Add small scale processing
plants onto each dehydration

Purchase nearby Caribbean
Sugarcane fields.

Having the security of Brazilian
hydrous ethanol will allow us to
build high quality, replicable plants.

-Little Experience

-Little Government Support

-Steady Demand

-Guaranteed Price
- International expansion is the most viable option for Cosan’s corporate advancement strategy

- Two-phase ethanol exportation plan in the Caribbean

- Future expansion to the Philippines, India, and China
- Cogeneration technology as early as 2002

- Agreement with the Brazilian government

- Difficulties with Cogeneration:
National Grid Connection
Environmental Licensing
Fair Compensation

Dominican Republic
Target U.S. Market
Patrick Berg, Maya Pollock, Lina An, Jack Carey, and Allie Gruber
August 19, 2013
- Acquisition is crucial to success

-Predicted oversupply of ethanol in Brazil brings about positive outcome for Cosan

-Nova America is the 12th largest mill in Brazil, they are capable of processing 7.8 million tons

-Acquiring Nova America is a strategically sound move

- Petrobras is vying to build a country-wide pipeline

- Future growth depends on pipeline transport
to São Paolo

- Mitigates risk of losing out on future opportunities
because of lower cost

Export Brazilian Ethanol Through the Caribbean to U.S. Market
Costs of Co-Building Our Own Pipeline
Buying In to Petrobras' Pipeline
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