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Hepatitis C ACNBA

No description

Kristina Rancourt

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Hepatitis C ACNBA

Hepatitis C AIDS Committee of
North Bay & Area FACTS Did you know? Hepatitis C Made Simple: Know your Status Who Pays??? Hep C Team REALLY!!! Websites 20% of people infected with HCV get the acute infection

80% will need treatment or live with it!

Aboriginal people & women spontaneously clear at a higher rate

Baby boomers have the highest rates of
hepatitis C
( Born between 1945-1964) ODBP (via Trillium or OW/ODSP) but
requires EAP (Exceptional Access

Private health insurance

Some drug companies www.aidsnorthbay.com
www.liver.ca Keri
McGuire-Trahan Kristina
Rancourt Brandy deGaia Kelsey
Secord Hepatitis C Community Coordinator Psycho Social Support Services Coordinator AKA Counsellor Treatment Nurse Ourtreach Worker Establishes and leads a Hepatitis C network within the local community, bridging and addressing gaps within the health, social, and legal sectors to enhance community collaboration of services that affect people living with/at-risk of acquiring HCV Provide case management and practical support assistance such as food vouchers, hygiene kits, vitamins, meal supplement, transit passes, and holiday hampers to individuals on HCV Treatment Receives referral and books new clients in for intake appointment Presentations Provides holistic counselling, assessments, consultation, and education for clients and/or families, as well as education services for staff and/or volunteers Helps individuals with referrals, advocacy, housing issues, etc.. Provides substance use counselling as well as referrals/assessments for Methadone Maintenance Program, Substance Use Treatment, and Opiate Replacement Therapy Provide individuals with education on HCV and their health Prepare the client prior to treatment Support the client managing the side effects during treatment Provide follow-up to address side effects and medications after treatment Provide vaccinations & immunizations Provide individuals with education on
HCV and their health Prepare the client prior to treatment Support the client managing the side
effects during treatment Provide follow-up to address side effects
and medications after treatment Provide vaccinations &
immunizations Delivers education and training sessions Provides support services to individuals,
such as going to appointments with clients Organizes & runs different outreach
programs such as street outreach
& peer support Treatment
Hepatitis C Dual Therapy Triple Therapy 6 Months 1 Year 6 Months to
1-Year Peg-Interferon Ribavirin Injection once a week Pills twice a day Geno 2 & 3
Cost $20000-30000
75-90 % clearance rate Geno 1
Cost $20000-30000
50 % clearance rate Peg-Interferon Ribavirin Teleprevir or Boceprevir Injection once a week Pills twice a day Pills take on time Only Geno 1
Cost $60 000-70 000
75% clearance rate
Only available to individuals with a
higher amount of liver damage
Increased side effects #1 Blood-born virus in Canada (Blood to Blood)

Infectious disease that affects the liver

Can lead to cirrhosis, liver failure, and cancer

5 times the rate of HIV infection Lots of individuals don’t know they have it!

You work with individuals infected or at risk!

No vaccine BUT there is a cure! Client There are 6 types of genotypes; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. They will only fund treatment once, unless you did not clear HCV the first time. If you re-infect yourself, they will not fund the treatment again! HCV can live outside the body for 4 days and in the right conditions up to 36 days! Boiling water, fire, and/or bleach DOES NOT kill HCV!!! Viricides kill hepatitis C (i.e. Barbicide & Cavicide) You can be infected with more than one genotype at a time. Studies have shown individuals followed by a team are
90% more successful at completing HCV treatment Treatment Nurse So you want treatment??? Once you have cleared the hep C virus,
you can still get infected again. Funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Hepatitis
ABC's Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Hepatitis C Fecal-oral transmission
Flu-like symptoms
DNA type of Virus
Vaccine Available Through Blood, semen, vaginal secretions, anal and breast milk
Flu-like symptoms
Acute & Chronic
DNA type of Virus
Vaccine Available Blood-to-blood transmission
Flu-like symptoms
Acute & Chronic
RNA type of virus
No Vaccine
Treatment Available Symptoms of
Treatment Flu-like symptoms
Loss of appetite
Weight Loss
Itchy Skin
Hair loss
Taste changes Depression
Mood swings
Dry mouth
Mouth sores
Birth abnormalities Symtoms of Hepatitis C Tired a lot
"Brain Fog"
Weight Loss
Sleep disturbances
Light or clay-colored stools Jaundice
Abdominal pain
Dark-colored urine
Bruise or bleed easily
Dry or itchy skin Where Antibody Test RNA or PCR Test Positive Negative Detectable Not Detectable Hep C Testing You have to request Hepatitis C testing! It is not included in your regular blood work. Family Doctor Health Unit Walk-in Clinic Shows if your body has come into contact with HCV Does NOT show you have the virus Send for a RNA or PCR Test Your body has never come into contact with HCV Tells us your viral load
genotype Decide to get treatment
Live with it! You do not have the virus! You have fought it off on your own! WHAT ARE THE RISKS? High Risks??? Medium Risks??? Low Risks??? No Risks???
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