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8th Grade Test Taking Strategies!

EXPLORE Preparation

Monica Carlson

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of 8th Grade Test Taking Strategies!

Test Taking Strategies!
What to do BEFORE the test
Be Prepared
Be in school, missing classes can add to your anxiety on test days
Ask questions, chances are you're not the only student who doesn't understand a concept
Get help before or after school if you need it
Make sure you study/review the test material several days before the test, don't cram!
Be Kind to Yourself
Go to bed on time, get plenty of rest
Wake up early so you won't be rushed or late
Eat a healthy breakfast
Wear comfortable clothing and dress in layers so you'll be prepared no matter the temperature of the room
What to do DURING the test
Don't panic
Remember you've prepared yourself well by studying every day and asking questions
Take a deep breath
Take a quick break if you need it
Think positively

Listen carefully to ALL directions/instructions from your teacher

Ask questions if instructions are unclear

Double check the question number on your answer sheet regularly, make sure you're marking answers on the correct line

Be neat
Fill in bubbles correctly and darkly
Erase stray marks

Pace yourself
Keep your eye on the clock so you don't run out of time but, don't rush either
You don't get extra points for finishing first
Accuracy is more important than speed
What to do AFTER the test
Double check your work
have you answered every question?
Don't be afraid to guess, you have a 25% chance of getting it right
Use clues to make an educated guess (often you can figure a question out by using information you know which relates to the question)
Use your common sense
If you have a hunch you know the answer, you probably do!
Check for careless mistakes (did you answer every question on the correct line/number?)
Change answers only if you are sure they are wrong
typically your first answer is the correct one

Multiple Choice Questions
A, B, C, D....or?
Work through the test in order

Don't spend too much time on one question
if you don't know the answer skip it and come back to it later

After reading a question, try to answer it in your head before looking at the answer choices

Read ALL the answer choices for a question before choosing an answer
If you think an answer is correct, circle it, then continue to read possible answers

Eliminate answers that are clearly wrong and choose from the remaining options
draw a line through incorrect answers
typically words like
signal an incorrect answer

Look for answers with words like:
generally, often, frequently, sometimes, or seldom
. These words
appear in correct answers.

If questions are based on a reading passage, read the questions FIRST and then read the passage. This way you know what you're looking for as you read!
8th grade EXPLORE test
What is it?
A test ALL 8th grade students are taking October 9 & 10
Subjects tested: English, Reading, Math, & Science
First test in the ACT series
What is the ACT?
Tests what college professors say students need to know to be successful in college level courses
Taking the EXPLORE in 8th grade and the PLAN in 9th grade can help you earn a better ACT score
How to Fake it
This is only a test, not the end of the keep things in perspective
A low score tells you and your teacher that you have not yet mastered the material, this is important to know so you can get some additional help with the material!
Celebrate your success afterward! Congratulate yourself for working hard and doing well.

Oh no! I'm running out of time.
Many standardized tests will give you a 5 minute warning
If you still have a lot of questions to answer and you know there is no way you'll be able to answer them all...randomly guess and then continue to work on the test thoughtfully
You want to make sure that when time is called that you've answered EVERY question even if you had to guess
Oh boy! It's
test day!
Tips for what to do if you don't know the answer AND guessing doesn't count against you

If two answers are similar, except for one or two words, choose one of these answers

If two answers have similar sounding or looking words (intermediate/intermittent) choose one of these answers

If the question calls for a sentence completion, eliminate the answers that would not form a grammatically correct sentence

If two quantities are almost the same, choose one

If answer choices cover a wide range (1, 60, 88, 100, 250, 500) choose one in the middle

Over loooooong and over short answers tend to be correct

A partly wrong answer choice is a wrong answer
The first United States President, Abraham Lincoln, was a general in the Revolutionary War.
I did it!
U Can Do It
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