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How Heavy Metal Music has a Positive affect

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Courtney J

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of How Heavy Metal Music has a Positive affect

The Positive affects of Heavy Metal Music
"Every single day not giving up, living up all my dreams so go ahead and look like I’m inferior Condescension, Suffering, Callousness and Loathing are the badges I have earned for my cause And I am finding hope within hatred a reason to persist, to push past everything" ( lyrics from "
Motionless In White
Heavy metal, scream-o , and alternative music tend to have bad vibes or reps about the music.
The fan base treats each other like family
has helped a lot of people through tough parts of their lives.
Many studies show the positive effects of this music and can even make you smarter according to some.
when you listen heavy metal music it makes a chemical in your brain that releases almost a stress relief and adrenaline , which causes to let you relax and let go of stress.

It helps make a distraction and use as better and more alternative outlet for bad and unhealthy outlets
Heavy metal Has:...
Stopped people from self harming
reduced some rates of suicide
helped with anger issues
helped people stand up to bullying
On the other side of this thought...
"Why should this even matter to me?"
Because music can serve to any one as an escape from everyday life, and help make you feel weightless or lost for just a tiny bit. but this type of music:
helps bring everyone together as equals
waits hours with their fans to get to know them
one song can change your day/life
according to the dvd series " Whats wrong with christian rock part 1", rock music lead people down a dark path of:
rebellious actions
unhealthy choices
where satanists.

In the end there where a lot more medical facts and studies to show that a lot of what the opposing side was saying was just full of close minded thoughts and not what so ever true.
(“ www.theatlantic.com”)
(“Metal Music can be Good for You”).
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