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Claire Glessner,

No description

Hull Elementary

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Claire Glessner,

I love science! we have done 1 science fair and my partner was lily. Our board made it to Hamilton high school for the hisef science fair. it was so fun and i cant wait to do this next year.
More Science
My teacher is Mrs. Jackson. She is Also my reading teacher. She is amazing and really fun!
P.E & Orchestra
In Math we have learned about graphs, decimals, fractions, angles, place value, and polygons

In reading we have learned figurative language, nonfiction, fiction, folktale, and historical fiction. right now we are reading
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.
Welcome to my prezi! I am gong to tell you a little about what i have been learning in school for the last couple quarters.
Claire Glessner
Mrs. Erndt

More Math
My math teacher is Ms. Weise. I love math and have been doing great on my tests.
More Reading
My teacher is Mrs. Jackson. I have also done many book reports with the topics of these- fiction, non-fiction and the Civil War.
P.E- p.e is so fun. we play games and work on a lot of techniques for different sports like soccer and football.
Orchestra- in orchestra I play the violin. We learned a lot of songs like jaws and mary had a little lamb. it is a lot of fun!
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