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EveryoneHacks summary

No description

Willow Brugh

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of EveryoneHacks summary

EveryoneHacks is a hackathon requested by HP to focus on education with an eye towards inclusion of women and other under represented demographics in the tech industry. It took place the evening of January 18th through evening of Sunday, January 20th and included lightning talks, workshops, and prizes.
It was organized and facilitated by Geeks Without Bounds with assistance from Where Are The Women and The Next Web. Additional sponsorship and assistance was provided by PG&E, Tropo, and SendGrid, with space provided by NextSpace and prizes by Renaissance.io and No Starch Press. Summary The Numbers Eventbrite page views: Registered Checked In: Teams completed 3415 300 123 9 Our venue capacity was 150 60% attrition is standard in the Bay Area How People Felt About the Event Where We Can Improve Where Your Money Went We provided 6 meals, coffee, beer, t-shirts, and tiny things like post-it notes and cups. The GWOB team came in from Seattle. Less overhead on food: We offered daycare but no one wanted it: Curating challenges in advance: While each food order was placed for the same number of people, restaurants give different amounts of food for that. Keeping in mind how people return to the event or drop, along with perceptions of appropriate amounts of food, should allow smaller excesses of food. This limits waste as well as cost. One challenge which faces women in the tech industry is not being able to participate in events such as these due to being the primary care taker in a household. By offering childcare, we hoped to welcome these folk as well. Perhaps due to lack of overlapping social circles, no one registered for subsidized childcare. We hope to reach these participants in the future through different social vectors. At humanitarian and disaster-focused hackathons, GWOB often helps to curate challenges in advance. This ensures high quality, research, and applicability of tools developed at the event. While all of the projects at #everyonehacks were education-focused, and a high population of instructors helped those projects be relevant to the classroom, more advance work can be done in the future. The video is 1:12:00 long Augmented Entomology TeachShare MyEvilTwinLikes Techy:Preppy Flash Moustache Trader Books ReadToMe Accountability-focused management for group projects in an education setting with flagging capabilities. 3D gyro-based & tracking entomology education program with possible digital dissection. Curriculum sharing/rating network for teachers from veterans to newbies! Facebook partner sharing app between progressives/conservatives that educates both sides of the aisle! Studying app for technology job interview preparations. Track progress and compare stats via social media. iPad/web student vocab learning app, teacher monitoring, with SMS updates to parents on their students progress. Social site for teachers to exchange and donate textbooks with each other so students have enough books to learn! Audible web in natural language, read by human beings. Makes web human, accessible. Bookmarks like Pinterest. Community skill-sharing jam sessions to learn from one another. Each member must teach and learn via currency of time. $1000 HP gift cards
HP Women’s Technology Leadership Conference
Tropo $2500 sponsored spot at Digital Democracy's Port-au-Prince hackathon Renaissance iOS App Developers Conference ticket Spheros for best use of SendGrid API http://gwob.org/post-everyonehack/ http://techypreppy.herokuapp.com/ https://github.com/angiechan/FlashCards More at http://storify.com/willowbl00/everyonehacks (You might come back and watch it later. Timestamps associated with teams, along with more detail, can be found at: ) #EveryoneHacks You can zoom into any of these by clicking. Just press your right or left arrows to return to the overview. Thank you. Please direct questions, comments, and commissions to info@gwob.org
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