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Natural Family Planning



on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Natural Family Planning

Fertility Awareness Jodi Shaw Natural Family Planning Different Systems Rhythm method
Temperature method
Billings method
Sympto-thermal method Increases chances of conception or Shows when to abstain from sexual activity to avoid pregnancy Billings method Also known as ovulation or mucus method (Clubb & Knight, 1996) Sympto-thermal method Monitors changes in cervical mucus (Clubb & Knight, 1996) Infertile mucus is a thick white substance (NHS, 2013) Fertile mucus is a clear gel-like fluid Measures both temperature and mucus signs (CCL, 2010) (Szarewski & Guillebaud, 1998) Provides more accurate indications than single-index methods (NHS, 2013) The sympto-thermal method chart Temperature measurements mucus changes Temperature increase indicates ovulation Works for both regular and irregular cycles (CCl, 2010) Ovulation Change in mucus indicates ovulation The benefits of Natural Family Planning No chemicals
Accepted by all faiths and cultures
Both partners take responsibility
Improves the female's understanding of her own cycle
Can be 99% effective Disadvantages Requires commitment

Does not protect from STi's

Used incorrectly 1in 4 women will become pregnant

Illness, lifestyle choices, medication and stress affect fertility signs (FPA, 2012) (NHS, 2012) References (CCL, 2010) (sZarewski & Guillebaud, 1998) Who can use Natural Family Planning Breast feeding Lactational amenorrhoea method
Used whilst exclusively breastfeeding for up to 6 months Reliable as only 1 in 200 would become pregnant (NHS, 2013)
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