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The Negative Impact of Social Media on Education

No description

Jenny Cadwallader

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of The Negative Impact of Social Media on Education

Cassidy, Crystal, and Jenny. Oh my god, don't tag me in that! Students who use social networks are also less likely to communicate adequately in person. Social sites aren't physically social, making it harder for kids to communicate and form friendships/relationships in the 'real world'. People create entire relationships online, and often give out far too much information to strangers. This is unsafe. What's on your mind?
People have become more conceited and arrogant with the prolonged use of social media sites. What others think is more important than being yourself.

There is a connection between excessive Internet use and depression, drug abuse, isolation, and suicide. #foreveralone Social media is a distraction to most kids.
People who attempt to multitask have reduced academic performance.
Facebook and Twitter users have lower GPAs. Students are also getting lazier with their spelling and grammar. Thanks to the red squiggly line, we know when something isn't right and accept the first suggestion. Wait, what? Social media overall has effected education negatively.
Students are less focused and easily distracted from the addiction of social media. Social media is causing students to have personality disorders. Instead of focusing on their studies, kids are more focused on socializing and looking good on the internet. What's the point? Social Media's Impact on Education Social media such as Facebook and Twitter has become a huge part of teenagers' lives. We're constantly updating, uploading, and checking our notifications. This is bad for education because students spend more time on social networks and are less focused on their classes.
Students rely on the Internet as a source for their work and projects, instead of using old-fashioned research techniques. Rosen, Larry. "Social Networking's Good and Bad Impact on Kids." American Psychological Association. APA, 06/07/2011. Web. <http://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/2011/08/social-kids.asp&xgt;.

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