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Qualitative Research Seminar

Qualitative research for undergraduate students in the health sciences.

George Goucher

on 18 February 2011

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Transcript of Qualitative Research Seminar

Why are you here today? Looking for ideas for a 3H03, Thesis or Special Topics project course? Interested in qualitative
research? Either way we can help Where should we start? At the beginning? What is Qualitative Research? Qualitative research is a method that seeks to study humans in their natural setting, attempting to make sense of, or interpret phenomena in terms of the meanings people bring to them by using a holistic perspective which preseves the complexities of human behavior.

Research that treats human experiences and behaviors as more then numbers. How do you do that? 'Typical' methods include:

Participant observation
Indepth Interviews
Focus Groups Which is better qualitative or quantitative research? There is no "best method" Qualitative data sets to "explore" and "understand" a given phenomena as oppose quantitative data which tests a set hypothesis or provides statistical answers. It depends on the research question? For example "How many parents would consult their general practitioner when their child has a mild temperature?" or "What proportion of smokers have tried to give up?" "Why do parents worry so much about their children's temperature?" and "What stops people from giving up smoking?" What types of projects are current BHSc students exploring? Both are good questions, that require different research to answer them. Beverley Preater: 'Dying with dignity' in developing world Exploring the concept of death with 'dignity' in regions without pan management and life-extending technology Dolly Meng:Supportive and Zoning By-Laws in Hamilton Allana Beavis: Overcoming the barriers to accessing services provided by SACHA, Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton and Area), by women with physical disabilities aged 16 and over who have experienced sexual violence Rubeeta Gill:HIV/AIDS on the rise in Kamathipura, Mumbai’s Red Light district Tyler Beveridge: Evaluating the Use of Reflection Practice in the Teaching and Learning of Communication Skills at the Undergraduate level. Aliya Ramjaun: Falls Prevention and Restraint/Seclusion use in Geriatric Population Suffering from Dementia Why do students chose to do Qualitative Research? Because sometimes to get something accomplished, it is more necessary to get your hands dirty. I want to gain experience on how to translate knowledge into policy change and action at the ground level. I want to do academic work that makes sense to the social justice advocate side of myself I also take comfort in knowing that my research will have a direct impact on SACHA and hopefully improve the circumstances of women with physical disabilities. It is a methodology that allows for exploration of some issues that could never be fully understood from a quantitative perspective. What are some pros and cons from the student's perspective? Pros Applicable Research Independance Human Connection Cons Transciption Limited Supervisors Less understood
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