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The hobbit

No description

moslim amona

on 7 September 2014

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Transcript of The hobbit

The Hobbit
Bilbo faced several obstacles on his journey (that he overcame), many of which could have easily ended in his death
Faced the trolls
Fought giant spiders
Approached Smaug alone

They traveled far and wide to find Outside, often risking their lives
Claudia risked her life to save Finn by going Inside
Finn fights Incarceron in its monster form

Theme (Hobbit)
The theme of the Hobbit is mainly adventure.
This is evident by the fact that they traveled far and wide to retrieve their treasure from the dragon, Smaug, but along the way they had to overcome many obstacles to achieve their goal
Some of the obstacles that they had to overcome on their adventure were: killing the trolls, getting past the goblins and the wolves, and escaping the elves
Unfortunately they did suffer loss along the journey (Fili, Kili, and Thorin) but those were the sacrifices that occurred on this dangerous adventure the dwarfs and Bilbo took on

(The Hobbit)

Throughout “The Hobbit” Bilbo, the dwarves, and Gandalf constantly showed enormous amounts of bravery.
Going on the journey with the threat of never returning alive required a lot of courage. They took a great risk but remained bold throughout the adventure
Fighting the goblins and going into Smaug’s territory was a great example.
Bilbo's bravery developed as the novel progressed, most notably after Gandalf had left and he was the only savior for the dwarves when they were captured or in danger.

Theme (Incarceron)
The theme of Incarceron is also adventure but now with some mystery, revenge and escape
This is shown by the fact that Finn and his friends were trying to find Outside for more than ¾ of the book
It is a mystery book because throughout most of the book, it is shown that Giles was murdered but it was later found by Claudia that it was an act and that Giles, the prince, was put into Incarceron instead.
Revenge is also part of the Theme because part of the book contains inside people, known by the Queen making plans to kill her for what she's done to Giles.

Bravery (Incarceron)
In “Incarceron”, Finn and his friends in the prison showed courageousness by going on the journey to the Outside, even though they were never sure if it existed.
At the same time, Claudia showed a lot of bravery by helping Finn and his friends and risking her life to go inside the prison; all while disobeying her father and the law.
Both Finn and Claudia showed bravery from the very beginning of the novel, their characters already possesing this quality.
Thank you!
The Hobbit
Their journeys ended with personal gain.
They both faced many obstacles
Plot (The Hobbit)
• A hobbit named Bilbo Baggins is swept into a quest with Gandalf the wizard and the dwarves who are trying to reclaim the dwarf kingdom.
• Traveling through the wild, the crew faces the goblins in the misty mountains, where Bilbo finds a magic ring.
• The crew meets Beorn the “skin changer”, who gives them advice for their journey.
• Left by their leader Gandalf, the hobbit and the dwarfs enter the forest of Mirk-wood on their own.
• Eventually they start losing hope of getting out of the forest.
• Bilbo becomes the leader of the crew and saves the dwarfs from the spiders.
• When the dwarfs are imprisoned by the elves, Bilbo comes to the rescue and saves his friends once again.
• They reach Lake Town where the people welcome them for their quest.
• The crew travels to the Lonely Mountain where Bilbo guides them through the secret entrance to the dwarf kingdom.
• The dragon gets information from the Hobbit and attacks Lake Town where Bard kills him.
• The battle of five armies takes place on the Lonely Mountain.
• Thorin dies, but the dwarfs, elves and the men win the battle against the goblins and the wolves.
• Peace comes over the place and the dwarfs regain their kingdom.
• Bilbo travels back to his home with Gandalf.

Plot (Incarceron)
• Finn is trapped in Incarceron, living with a group of criminals called Comitatus.
• He has weird dreams that make him think he is from the “Outside”.
• A woman named Maestra who is kept as a hostage helps Finn find a crystal key but is killed before escaping safely.
• Gildas, a Sapienti sets on a journey with Finn and Keiro.
• Jormanric’s dog-slave named Attia is saved by Finn.
• Claudia is the daughter of the warden of Incarceron who lives outside Incarceron and has to marry Caspar, the prince of Realm.
• She was betrothed to Giles who died. She finds evidence from Bartlett, Giles teacher that he was put into Incarceron.
• She finds the same crystal key as Finn and communicates with him thinking that he is Giles.
• Finn is sacrificed to the beast by the people of the forest. Gildas goes with him.
• Claudia goes to the palace where she has to get married.
• Keiro and Attia come to help save Finn and Gildas from the beast.
• Blaize comes in a ship and takes them to a floating tower.
• Claudia finds out that the Warden is not her father and finds a door to his study in the palacer.
• Finn and his company realize that Blaize is dangerous and escape on his ship.
Claudia goes into Incarceron to help save Finn
• Gildas gets injured and dies.
• Claudia finds Finn and tells him to go "outside" with her.
• Finn and Claudia go outside alone and Finn promises Keiro and Attia that he will come back one day to get them.
• Finn becomes the prince and the Warden takes the two keys and goes escapes into Incarceron.

Bilbo was forced to go on his adventure
Bilbo was living in a comfort and luxury before his journey
Both were heavily relied on by their companions
Bilbo was very pessimistic throughout the journey
Finn went on the journey to escape from the prison
He was living an uncomfortable life in the prison where he did not get much to eat
Finn was enthusiastic throughout the journey
He feared some of the obstacles that he faced
He remained bold throughout his journey
Both lost a companion during their adventure
Both were looked down upon for most of the journey
Bilbo had an idea of where the journey would lead him thanks to the dwarves
Finn had no idea what would be at the end of Incarceron or if Outside existed, his only lead was Claudia who said that she was not in Incarceron
Bilbo used his rewards to give nice gifts to his friends
Finn was not able to go back into Incarceron to save his friends
Finn did many things for his own good such as saving Maestra just so she could tell him what his tattoo meant.
Bilbo received lots help and hospitality throughout his journey.
Both had an object which was of assistance and helped them throughout their journey, the ring for Bilbo and the key for Finn.
Climax (The Hobbit)
Climax (Incarceron)
The climax of Incarceron occured when Claudia finds out that Giles' death was a conspiracy and that he was put into Incarceron.
The climax of the Hobbit occurred during the battle of the five armies after Thorin Oakenshield refused to share any of the treasure which he had captured from Smaug.
Aid Along the Adventures
Finn and Bilbo were both very courageous but neither of them completed their adventures by themselves
Bilbo had the help of Gandalf and the ring throughout his journey (although Gandalf wasn't always present)
He helped Bilbo escape from the wolves and the ring saved Bilbo's life on several occasions (e.g. helping him follow Gollum to find the exit of the cave, allowing him to sneak by the goblins)
Finn could not have stayed alive and known what to do if it weren't for Claudia and the key
The key allowed him to communicate with Claudia and escape Incarceron itself
Also, when Claudia found out that Blaize was dangerous, she went inside Incarceron to help save Finn
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