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Digital Storytelling INTEF

No description

Celia Molina

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Digital Storytelling INTEF

Digital Storytelling INTEF
Final Project (Dec '13)
Celia Molina

First Steps: Digital Literacy & Citizenship
It all began with a tiny story in Twitter
(oh my God! first time ever)
Sharing Stories Through Comics
The first task was to create a comic to show our feelings about the course. I did it with makebeliefscomix.com
Video Storytelling
For this third module, I had to write a storyboard for a film. This was really challenging for me, since it was my first time (again!)
Collaborative Storytelling
In module 4 of the course I continued a Collaborative Story begun by my tutor in Padlet.
Storytelling with Mobile Devices
In the final module of the course, I dessigned a mobile lesson. You can have a look at it here: http://es.scribd.com/doc/189721483/MobileLessonSpain-Celia-Molina
Then I created a story with the Story Maker of the British Council.
In this module I also learnt about Internet Safety while I discovered some resources which taught me how to manage with privacy and rules on the Internet.
I created an Acceptable Usage Policy, which I think is essential in order to observe certain rules while surfing the net and working with ICT.
Finally I created a series of avatars to introduce myself to the group.
Avatar with Voki
My students also created some avatars with different resources.
This module was really hard for me because I wasn't mentally prepared for so much input and hard work. I had to reorganize my other tasks, apart from my duties as a teacher, my children, etc. but I got engaged from the first minute of the course.
From this module I have already put into practice the idea of avatars to present topics, which is innovative and engaging for students.
You can find the online version here: http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/Comix/?comix_id=18915410C1120198
And the pinterest version is here: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/310326230544834339/
My students created this comic out of a Graded Readers
Original text
Comic version
Also in Pinterest:
- original text: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/310326230544923216/
- comic version: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/310326230544830259/
Then I created a comic book about my subject. This activity was not compulsory, but I learnt a lot preparing it.
This module helped me to prepare Unit Plans that are appealing for students. They pay attention to the means while they catch the main ideas. I enjoyed this module very much.
I also recorded a frame of the story with Animoto, a great resource to create short videos and publish them online.
You can see my video in this link: http://animoto.com/play/IQLLisNgjZ0k5yBYj83j2w
The last activity of the module was remixing content for digital stories.
I did this with Biteslides, the engaging platform for presenting school projects.
In this module I learnt to create videos as well as editing them.
This will allow me to create engaging presentations for my classes.
Then I began my own Collaborative Story with my students. They loved the assignment.
Finally, I did a Global Digital Story Presentation, where I discovered Prezi and I fell in love at once with this amazing resource to prepare presentations.
I enjoyed this module specially because I was already into the course dynamics and it was easy for me. This module is also easily applicable in my teaching practice, so I'll use it whenever I can.
Then I evaluated a web based app. I chose Animoto.
The last activity was creating a silent video. I decided to create two of them since the length was too short (just 30 seconds). I used Animoto again.
You can watch them here:
Part 1.-
Part 2.-
This module showed me how to use mobile devices in the classroom, thus taking advantage of the teenager's adiction and dependence on them.
This is the link to my Pintereset board, where I have been pinning all the interesting resources I have worked with while doing the course: http://www.pinterest.com/celiamolina148/dst-intef-course/
My personal evaluation
I would like to thank Shelley for her help, she has been very kind and diligent with her comments. She has all the time encouraged us to work, and I appreciated her work very much.
I really liked the activities which required to assess other participants' work. I think they were really helpful for my own work.
I also appreciated the rubric in many of the activities, which haven't been so educative without it.
I feel sorry for those people who gave up because of many reasons, I recognise that it was really tough at the beginning, and I'm very proud of my work and of my decision not to give up.
Also a mention for my peers who have been coparticipating of those activities who needed collaboration. Thanks.
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