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Collaboration & the Common Core: Strategies From the Classroom

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Megan Allen

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Collaboration & the Common Core: Strategies From the Classroom

In Spring 2013, the Center for Teaching Quality hosted a series of three webinars on the Common Core State Standards.
Led by on-the-ground experts...classroom teachers.
Educators representing states from New Jersey to California came together to share their philosophies and practices in a powerful example of professional development.
The topic at hand? How do we bring the standards to life in our classrooms, schools, districts, and beyond?
What follows are the key themes from each discussion along with video highlights from the series' guest experts.
Webinar 1: Literacy Across the Content Areas
March 19, 2013
Meet and listen to our guest experts:
Justin Minkel
2nd and 3rd grade teacher
Ernie Rambo
Middle grades teacher
Rod Powell
High school history
North Carolina
To listen to our experts, place the cursor over the center of the video screen and click play.
Through this peer-to-peer learning, the following themes emerged:
Teach through inquiry and questioning
Cultivate authentic learning
Integrate to implement
Focus on communication

Not yet connected? Join the movement at www.teachingquality.org
Want to learn more?
If you are already a member of the CTQ Collaboratory, check out the take-away documents here:

Webinar 1:

Webinar 2:

Webinar 3:
Webinar 2: Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners
April 9, 2013
Cheryl Suliteanu
5th grade teacher
Meet and listen to our guest experts
Shannon Styers
Middle grades teacher
Ali Crowley
High school math
Throughout this peer-to-peer learning, the following themes emerged:
Attend to the whole learner
Teach the reader not the text
Integrate disciplines to deepen learning
Collaborate within and beyond the classroom
Webinar 3: Text Complexity and Text Selection
May 7th, 2013
Meet and listen to our guest experts:
How do we address text complexity and text selection to meet the needs of all learners?
Claire Riddell
1st grade
Jessica Cuthbertson
Middle grades/teacherpreneur
Sarah Brown Wessling
High school English
Throughout this peer-to-peer learning, the following themes emerged:
Time and space is necessary for success
We must focus on the readers in front of us
Collaboration is essential
How do we meet the needs of every learner in our classrooms?
How do we integrate literacy across the content areas?
What do participants say about their learning?
A few next steps shared by participants:
Based on my learning, I will:
Advocate for the importance of high-quality, participatory (and virtual across district/state/national lines) professional development
Work with core teachers to incorporate various strategies to help struggling learners with Common Core objectives
Ready to move forward in your own leadership and learning around the CCSS?

Visit teachingquality.org, join the CTQ Collaboratory, and help bring the standards to life for our students.
Participants were asked: Participating in this webinar informed my understanding of the CCSS and provided strategies that are helpful to my position.
Use my increased knowledge to help other teachers with understanding the CCSS and the strategies I learned at this webinar
Review Appendix A of the CCSS and try to enlist one other teacher from each grade so our school can implement a K-5 literary list to help step students toward independent handling of text
...and many, many more!
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